Evan Klassen Joins Nerium International

Evan Klassen, Nerium International


International Network Marketing Professional and Best Selling Author Evan Klassen is joining Nerium to help continue their legacy of excellence.

Born in Central Asia, Evan is one of nine children, and he learned early on to be responsible and appreciate life to the fullest. Growing up in a world of poverty and civil war, he experienced first-hand some of the challenges and hardships life has to offer.

Clean water and food are something we often take for granted, and yet even these simple things were not always available, and on more than one occasion, his family’s life was in jeopardy because of the civil war and the persecution of foreigners.

His family made a daring escape, and immigrated back to Germany, where Evan lived for the next 15 years before moving to the USA in 2006.

His excitement and love for people led him to Network Marketing in 2008, and he soon built a sales team of over 20 thousand distributors in 23 countries. Evan was recently voted one of the “Top 100 under 30” Leaders in Network Marketing World Wide, and is excited to join Nerium to continue its growth as a Legacy Company.

He has partnered with the top 3 earners Ron Forrester and Leslie Hocker, Bill Bone, and Mark and Tammy Smith who are all committed to Nerium for the long term, and are excited to help Evan accomplish his personal mission of helping 1000 families reach a 6 figure a year income.

Many people are looking for a final home in Network Marketing where they can build a legacy business and help others grow to their maximum potential, and Nerium is this vehicle, not just for me, but for so many,” said Evan in a his recent interview. He is excited to be part of the international expansion that is soon to come with Nerium.

This past year, Evan was selected as one of the experts to Co – Author the most recent edition of Think and Grow Rich Today,” the best-selling book featuring Napoleon Hill. Contributing to this project brought Evan full circle, as the original version was the book that changed his life and led him to Network Marketing.

Evan Klassen with the Top 3 Income Earners of Nerium: Ron Forrester & Leslie Hocker, Mark & Tammy Smith and Bill Boone.

Evan Klassen together with his upline the Top 3 Income Earners of Nerium Ron Forrester & Leslie Hocker, Mark & Tammy Smith and Bill Boone

Both Nerium and Evan are excited about the partnership. Commenting on the future of Nerium, Evan had this observation: Never before have so many factors aligned in such an unbelievable fashion! The Corporate and In the Field aspects have come together like I have never seen before, and an outstanding, powerful merging of Leadership, Systems, Products and Culture is the result. This will lead to success and solid long term residual income for many families.”

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