Karen Phelps Joins Nerium International

Karen Phelps, Nerium International


A leading authority in Direct Selling, author and speaker, Karen Phelps has decided to partner with Jeff Olson and Nerium International in what she says is, “the opportunity of a lifetime”.

She has over 30 years of combined field and training experience and over 60,000 people from hundreds of companies who have learned from her simple direct selling systems in the past 13 years.

On Why Nerium she said, “When I left the field 13 years ago I thought I would never get back in!

Although I have seen the comp plans of almost a hundred direct selling companies I have never seen anything that made me take a second look until Nerium! I absolutely could not look the other way!

The products work and have clinical trials to back them, they pay so many different ways it’s crazy and the Nerium system is so easy it allows anyone, even someone who has never been in the industry before to win quickly!

The amount of six-figure income earners with Nerium in their first two years blew me away and I wanted to align myself with the right company and leadership so I too, can help hundreds of people become six-figure income earners!”

The timing was right, the company was right, the leadership is second to none and my husband and I are on a mission to change lives!

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[email protected] (248) 625-4897


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