Maria Ghaderi – Global Wealth Trade Top Earner Interview

Maria Ghaderi, Global Wealth Trade


Maria Ghaderi started her MLM profession at age 18 and like most people her MLM profession debut wasn’t successful at first.

However unlike most people, that setback didn’t deter her to keep looking.  In 2008 Maria was 23 years old when she decided to check Global Wealth Trade and she immediately got excited when she found out it was not another Health and Wellness or Telecom company.

Within six months of launching her VDM (Virtual Designer Mall) with GWT, Maria started to earn over $3000 per month which was more than her banking salary and shortly after she decided to make direct sale her full time career and fire her boss at the bank.

Today Maria is one of Global Wealth Trade’s youngest top earners and the youngest Regional Ambassador in the company at age 28, proving once again that GEN-Y is the future of Direct Sales. Today Maria has an organization of over 2000 VDMs in 30+ countries around the world with millions in annual sales.

Ted Nuyten had the honor to interview Maria:

Maria how did you discover Network Marketing?

I remember I was a high school student. I had only been in Canada for a few years, when one night my brother asked me to check out a business presentation for him.

I showed up to tell him not to do it, as it’s surely a scam. That day as a teenager, I wasn’t paying attention to what bunch of doctors and business men were saying in front of the room. Until somewhere in the middle of the presentation, all I could see on the slide was picture of beaches, luxury cars and homes with a headline that said, “it’s your time to live a free life.”

I don’t know what the presentation was about, what was the products other than it was Health and Wellness or even understand the numbers. I just knew that it’s possible to live a free life and I convinced my brother to start and I can start under him right away.

What was your opinion about the Direct Selling Industry before you got involved?

I didn’t know much about it. I just knew there were opportunities that can help the right person to be successful but there are also many dangerous & illegal businesses out there that can seriously harm people.

As I mentioned my first attempt at MLM was a Health and Wellness company but shortly after I started, I was shocked that all my uplines left and joined other Health and Wellness companies. I couldn’t understand why people would leave one Health and Wellness company to join another similar company all over again but soon I realized it is a very common practice because people don’t understand the main reason they failed in the first place, so they hope the new juice or shake will be the answer.

I stayed committed to my dreams for a while but I was disappointed and eventually stopped my auto-ship. I end up with thousands of dollars of expired health products for baby boomers in my closet. It took me years to open up again to another MLM, and I promised myself if I ever do it again, it will not be another eat it or wash it (so-called consumable products) company

I had lost my MLM religion for a while and even though I believed MLM to be an smart idea, I didn’t think it could work in real life because even the so-called “successful” distributors I knew were either embellishing or if they really were making lots of money, they had armies of users and distributors of tens of thousands which an average person could never do.

How did you got involved in Global Wealth Trade?

A few of my uplines joined GWT, one of which was Sanaz Hooman who today is the senior VP & creative director of product development of the company. I received some calls but I had lost faith in the profession so I got into university for engineering and was working at the bank.

Soon it occurred to me that the rat race is what got me interested in Direct sales and I really didn’t want to be working at a bank or a JOB for the rest of my life. So I decided to take another look at the industry as I couldn’t get MLM out of my head. I start to read and learn about the industry. I came across The Forensic Networker articles by Ramin Mesgarlou online.

The more I got into his courses, the more things started to make sense. I could relate to everything he said or wrote as if he was talking to me personally. Then I realized that between all the opportunities I saw over the years, GWT was the safest and the most reliable because the product lines were tangible and included precious commodities & fashion goods that would increase in value and didn’t have an expiry date.

I like everyone else shop and love fashion specially designer fashion so I decided to join as a customer for the gorgeous designer products and enjoy the special discount. I spend a whole year to read and learn more about MLM, compensation plans, industry problems, different companies. 

I found the fastest and the best way to get the answers I was looking for was to read and watch anything I could find from Ramin Mesgarlou who has been rated top three trainers and comp plan experts in the world for the past 25 years. I then decided to attend GWT’s annual convention which was held in my city Toronto and there I met Lior Skaler who was one of the rising stars of GWT. 

I followed him on Face book and had conversations with him and I was impressed at his lifestyle and growth and how quickly he was able to become a full time GWT Luxury Consultant at a very young age.

Most of all, Lior was real and he was living the MLM lifestyle that I was looking for. He was in Italy one day, in Egypt the next, drove a convertible SL Mercedes and a Range Rover, owned multiple condos around the world, was completely enjoying life and he wasn’t even 30 yet. I connected with him and I decided to launch my own GWT VDM (Virtual Designer Mall) to build a strong and global business with his knowledge and support.

Maria, what inspired you in Network Marketing?

What inspires me in network marketing is that an average person can go from zero to hero without experience, family heritage, big capital investment, university MBA, connections etc. Anyone with drive and guts can still make it to the top, be successful and make millions in this industry. The personal development and who you become in the process is even more important than the wealth you can create. Not every body might hit a financial home run in MLM but everyone who connects to the MLM system will be better off for it in education alone.

What also inspires and excites me the most about network marketing is to see the young new generation (Gen-Y) use their talent to create wealth for themselves. The reality is, there are not many options out there for young people because they don’t have work experience or money to invest and are still in school.

But they have talent, ideas, high energy and they don’t have any baggage. Young people are like a white board that nothing is written on yet and ready to be filled. Unfortunately, most of the time our youth generation ends up working for low paying jobs where their talent gets wasted and by default end up in the status quo 50/50 plan (50 hours/week jobs for 50 years).

The same goes for young women searching for a way to balance success at work with their roles as mothers, wives, girlfriends, sisters. Due to limited options in the workplace, many women looking for flexibility in this area end up working in low paying salaried positions that are not relevant to their professional ambition, passion or talent.

Some of my international teams who haven’t met me yet first thought I’m one of the FERI models. They couldn’t believe I’m the upline and one of the top leaders. I’m proud to be an example that women can be both attractive in looks and capable as a business woman driving a multi-million dollar business. My MO (method of operation) is to lead, inspire, coach, plan, strategize, travel, sponsor, train and I love speaking in front of hundreds while modeling and showing the beauty of my GWT designer products hence my team nickname “beauty and brains”.

My inspiration comes from The Forensic Networker himself Ramin Mesgalou who started his Direct Sales career at age 20 and built his first multi-million dollar business at age 25 and since has created many millionaires with his advanced Forensic Networker university.

Ramin’s mantra of “STAYING FORENSIC” has enabled brand new people like myself to build empires with his mentoring and tough nosed “say it like it is” delivery. His story proves  that any 20 year old who has the drive and is willing to get muddy and bloody until they get it, can become a millionaire in 5 years like Ramin and many of his students have. So my passion is making this industry a legitimate escape from the 50/50 plan for the youth, women and families.

Do you have a mentor, do you think a mentor is important?

You can play basketball on your own and gain some skills. You might win couple of games but to become a world champion or an Olympian you need a coach. Same is true in Direct Sales/MLM where to make a couple thousand dollars you might not need a coach or a mentor but if you want to go for big numbers and financial freedom in your Direct Sales profession with millions in earnings, you definitely need a mentor.

You can never be an expert if you plan to evolve and get better to be able to achieve the next target because mentors are there to coach you every step of the way as well as lifting you up when you are down. That said, you got to be careful whom you choose as a mentor and sometimes you might need more than one mentor because different people are able to coach you in different areas of your life.

My business and MLM mentor is Ramin Mesgarlou. He helped 14 people to become millionaires and I’m his next one. I wouldn’t have even started another MLM career let alone last this long and see the success that I am having if it wasn’t for Ramin’s articles, mentorship & the Forensic Networker system.

The Forensic system is the only GUARANTEED success blueprint to hit a financial home run in the Direct Sales/MLM industry. I’ve been using the Forensic Networker system in the past 4 years and I reached the top earners club within two months of using the Forensic system.

Maria, what are the biggest reasons that you attribute the success that you, and your team have had in your MLM business?

Four things:

The right Company, The right Team culture, The right support, The right You!

There are so many companies out there and from the product point of view, the entire MLM industry consists of Health & Wellness products or Telecom service companies. All these two major industries are open industries with high competition. Global wealth trade is not part of that MLM rat race. We are an exclusive high end designer fashion house with 1400 exclusive and highly branded designs starting from only $18.

This has never been done before in the MLM industry because we are in a protected and regulated precious commodities and high profit margin designer goods industry. High profit products allows the company to create the first ever Free Flowing & Variable Binary compensation plan that pays up to 70% down to infinity with no RANK restrictions and no volume flushing which is unheard of in the industry.

In addition to the highest payout, GWT also has the highest distributor RETENTION  and distributor MONTHLY ACTIVITY ratio ever recorded.

25 reasons why… by Ramin Mesgarlou

The right team culture is everything because as my mentor Ramin Mesgarlou says “your team culture will determine your team success”. In GWT our culture starts with  “NO MEMBER LEFT BEHIND” and it is this culture that has led to another industry record EARNING PER DISTRIVUTOR RATIO or E/D ratio.

My upline team (we call my5) are the best of the best. Everyone of my uplines are FULL TIME – SIX FIGURE income earners, PRESIDENT CUP WINNERS and most are MLM millionaires. I’ve been fortunate to be surrounded by amazing leaders right to the top income earner Reza Mesgarlou and my mission was to make them proud with my personal accomplishments.

And the last but not least is the Right You..! I believe success requires a level of 

coach-ability. If someone is not willing to be coachable, they will struggle till they give up. At some point I had to make that decision to be coachable and follow instruction without resistance. To question my own concerns, thoughts and beliefs that were in my way and start listening to what the universe was trying to teach me. Personal development played a huge role in my journey. The Forensic Networker Ramin Mesgarlou calls me an MLM mental warrior because he knows the ups and downs I’ve been through and the strength and success I have achieved.


Money is great, driving luxury and exotic cars, living in big houses, those are all good. Even helping your family and giving back to your parents or creating a legacy for your kids.. those are all good. But they're not the reason why I do what I do…

Having a personal fulfilling life is the reward of something else. And that is making a difference in the world. I challenge myself as a leader and the passion to reach my full potential, is the reason why I got good at what I do.   

The standard of living in the world is declining. When I was a kid my dad could create a good lifestyle with one income. Today families with three incomes can’t create the lifestyle that was normal 20 years ago. The MLM profession is a beautiful industry, great concept, residual income, retirement, making leadership and personal development available for an average person.

But it’s been messed up. The greatest industry in the world has been hijacked by CEOs who don’t really care for the industry and they are in it for profits. I always tell my team members that there are so many companies out there but very few are designed with distributors in mind to reach their financial targets. A company like Global Wealth Trade who invents the industry’s first and only FREE FLOWING VARIABLE compensation plan that completely removes ranks and restrictions, qualifications and re-qualifications has a clear distributor focused mentality.

In fact our company culture of “NO MEMBER LEFT BEHIND”  is very evident  in every policy, every decision and document that the company releases.  That’s why it’s important to learn how be able to read a distributor compensation plans so you can read and understand if the company’s purpose is to pay out when the CV (commissionable volume) is created or is it to have them chase it weekly with RANK FILLED monthly obligations. You know what I am talking about Ted, you know our CEO for years and he is the only CEO that actually conduct seminars for our Luxury Consultants  and share the secrets of how to read compensation plans that no company wants to talk.

Why do you think other people would/should join you?

It’s a choice and I think anyone who reads this interview will quickly realize that I am not a typical uninformed MLMer and this company is not like any other company in the industry.

They should chose me because at this point my team’s success is my challenge. I believe for me to expand and reach my full potential and become the leader that I can be, I need to create success stories. If I don’t, I take the weakness of my team as a reflection of me so by helping them to overcome those weakness I overcome my limitations. 

Most importantly I have a strong successful my5 upline team and an amazing coach and mentor behind me who are also committed to the success of each person in the team. I’m only 29 now and I will be around for a long time and help as many people as I can to reach their targets in life where most other top earners are either retired or looking to retire soon.

Global Wealth Trade opportunity Tour;

Do you have a killer tip for an Network Marketing newbie?

How about two tips;

  1. Have a vast and long term VISION because if you envision making a couple of thousand dollars, you will make a few hundred. Having couple of million dollar vision will make you a five figure income.
  2. Learn from your mistakes. It’s okay to fail but not okay to fail with similar mistakes. When you fail with a company, take your time to study and research why you failed in the first place before you choose another similar company. Jumping to similar opportunities will guarantee similar results so look to other types of opportunities that will provide you with a chance to success. Another words don’t choose your MLM company like a lottery and leave it to chance because you will miss on the good opportunities in the opposite direction of what you know or think you know.

The most AWAKENING videos on this topic is 25 reason by The Forensic Networker Ramin Mesgarlou and The MLM Locker Room talk by The Blue Ocean team. I highly recommend both of those videos to anyone who seeks answers of what went wrong or is going wrong in their Direct Sales profession.

The MLM locker room talk, what they don’t want you to know by The Blue Ocean team

To close choose your company with knowledge based on stats and reality and not hype and emotions. You are investing time, effort, energy, money and your network which is your reputation on the line. I hope you’ve done your homework before you invest all of that in the next company you chose.

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