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Ron Wright, Talk Fusion


Ron Wright : “I was looking for tools to help build my business, but I got tools that built me a better lifestyle.”  

When Grand Blue Diamond Ron Wright of Houston, Texas first witnessed one of the Talk Fusion’s online Business Opportunity Presentations, he knew right away that he’d come to the right place.

“I was blown away by what I saw and heard,” he says. “Talk Fusion gave me two opportunities for the price of one—a chance to promote my insurance business, and a chance to earn extra income on the side.”

The 25-year insurance industry veteran got plugged into Talk Fusion’s simple, proven system, and with the help of the successful leaders in his team, soon began to reap the rewards of building his relationship marketing business.

Before long, Ron was able to concentrate on working Talk Fusion full-time; he reached the lofty rank of Grand Blue Diamond in less than two years!

Now, Ron drives a luxury Mercedes-Benz automobile, and took two separate Dream Getaway Hawaiian vacations last year, all on Talk Fusion. He travels the world sharing the unlimited potential of the Talk Fusion opportunity with others.

He is also able to give back in a way he never thought possible, contributing more to his church and other charities while showing people everywhere what can be accomplished with a dream and a commitment to making it real.

“Because of Talk Fusion, instead of talking about my dreams, I’m living my dreams,” he says. “I’m traveling the world, spreading the Talk Fusion vision and getting paid along the way. My church has an outreach program, and Talk Fusion has allowed me to participate financially on a regular basis. I’ve been able to give money to local schools for sports programs and Christmas events. I can donate to various causes.”

For Ron, the biggest benefits of the success he has achieved with Talk Fusion are his ability to give back, and the chance to build and nurture new relationships with people everywhere.  “The friends I’ve made around the world are very special,” he says. “We’re a family. We’ve gone from friendship to kinship. Talk Fusion is my new career, and the future is very bright.”

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