Shaqir Hussyin – Top Internet Marketer Interview

Shaqir Hussyin, Top Internet Marketer


Shaqir Hussyin from the United Kingdom is 25 years old and the founder of

He’s the youngest Top Million Dollar Earner (4th) inside of Empower Network out of 200,000+ affiliate marketers.

Over the past 4 years he is known to be one of the internet’s fastest growing success story, generating already over Millions of dollars in revenue for over the last 24 months.

Shaqir has been involved in Direct Response Marketing / Affiliate Marketing, specifically driving traffic to Home Business Offers, since June 2009 – the month he started his online marketing journey, once he dropped out of university in his final year against his friends and families wishes. Shaqir is one of the most sought after consultants in marketing space.

He has trained over 50,000 internet marketing entrepreneurs, from webinars, speaking on stage, doing workshops, events, and amongst various mediums for various online communities including being one of the lead trainer’s teaching Solo Ad Traffic some of the leading internet marketing platforms, starting years ago with programs like Carbon Copy Pro, Wealth Masters International and Empower Network.

He surpassed many internet 20+ year veterans, and skyrocketed his success to new heights using “Unusual Traffic Methods” such as e-mail media buying, solo ads and ezine advertising. Ted Nuyten had the honor the interview this Top Internet Marketer.

Shaqir, how did you start your Internet Marketer career?

Since I was a kid, I’ve always had that thing inside me, some call it that “entrepreneurial spark”. I could never be focused on school education and used to daydream all day, often distracting everyone else in the class.

I went from selling things in my high school, selling in the streets (Sunday Market, Brick Lane, London) to opening an ebay business at 15 years old.  Buying and selling things like clothes, electronics, car parts, GHD straighteners, and other things not worth mentioning, ha!

I knew typical education was not going to take me far in life, as i had seen a lot of people get the university degree, get a crappy job they hated working for and then living a boring, unfulfilled life. I was not going to follow that path. So i had this eBay business for few years, selling the odd bits here and there, that was going great until eBay decided to slap me off their platform and then I thought I would try out University, but this was more for the pleasure of my Asian parents than my own. 

Shaqir Hussyin On Stage In Austin, Texas, USA

Shaqir Hussyin On Stage

Growing up in an asian community (me being a brown guy!) degrees, doctors, lawyers, accounting jobs were something i was forced to think about….Lol. I had other rebellious plans. 😉 Academic education in a nutshell was not for me, I always knew I was a smart guy but I just could not bring myself to do the “work”.  I used to end up paying other classmates into doing my course etc and thats pretty much how I got through my first year. And the second year.

By third year i had got introduced to the world of online marketing, home business arena and once i saw people, average people just like me – living a life of total freedom, getting rich from their laptops, travelling all over the world, speaking on stage and making upwards of $50,000+ in a single 90 mins speech. I knew that was going to be what I wanted. I would love to say the rest is history, Ted, however it was a long learning curve for me….

My first 9 months was total hell, i was in debt into my eyeballs, borrowing money from every single person in my life, had left the old street life with the kids i used to spend time with in East London, I remember starting to look online and as I clicked on a bunch of ads, subscribed to a bunch of email lists, bought every new course and guru program out there, and found myself watching videos of people claiming to be making hundreds and thousands of dollars per month.

“Lying Scammers” was the thought going through my head. I was skeptical at first, but i had an open mind, that said – what if this was all true ?

  • What if there are people all over the world making money from their laptops ?
  • What if there is a better way to make 6 figures+ per year working from home ?
  • What if i don’t have to do all the B.S friends, family, media and society painted for me ?

With this open minded thinking, i guess i grew an extra pair of balls and started taking action. When i saw all of this, all i wanted at first was to make $10,000 per month, that was like £6,000 a month or so, damn – that was a lot of money back then, hahaha! These days my businesses do as much as $10,000 a day / £6,000 a day in sales and I actually work way less than ever.

I remember going to a Internet Marketing event in London, where I had the pleasure to see an Asian Marketer (another brown kid, like me!) who got on stage who showed LIVE proof that he makes up to $100,000+ in a single day.  I was mesmerized, speechless – yet my mouth started talking when i went up to him, so maybe i wasn’t that speechless. lol. I was like, like “hey man, I wanna make money like you”…..

 It turns out that he was an indian young kid, i think at the time around 27 years old and he too was from Bangladesh (same country as my parents came from), he was making a TON of money and i wanted to learn from him first hand, we became really good friends since then, and i spoke at few of his events and had a lot of fun doing them, damn this was a good few years ago now…

How did you get interested in the MLM / Home Business side of Internet marketing?

I had relatively decent results when I started out in IM (Internet marketing).  I used to sell internet info products like most marketers, i  had subscriber acquired / built lists of over 400,000+ people that i used to email everyday and make “one time” low commissions, it wasn’t that bad, i mean i would make around $1,000 – $3,000 a day, however most people that would buy those programs wouldn't really do anything, and they wouldn't get results – like with most things in life.

Results was short-lived. I wanted more passive, residual income and based on TEAM Profits, where i still get paid when i help people get results after they buy stuff from me. Thats what draw me into Empower Network.

The average person doesn’t really have much success in life or in internet marketing because of how they approach things and they get in without the right mentorship and training. I was very disheartened at the fact that I was making all this money and very few users were making this money.

Also, the clickbank marketplace became full of stupid, silly, scammy products by low class marketers that didn’t understand anything about delivering real value to customers and wanted to rip off people and scam people. (Yep, there are scammers that exist on the internet, so you should do your research first!)

Shaqir Hussyin On Daegan Smith's Solo Ad Secrets

I knew i had to stay away from those, because my reputation was more important than anything else, and i wanted to have a long term brand in this marketplace. So I actually just got rid of that entire business, I deleted all the subscribers and started from pretty much scratch. I knew how to drive website traffic and knew how to market online so i always had confidence that I can go make anything happen 😉

This is what led me to finding real *home business systems* led by integrity based marketers and just recently i partnered up with Empower Network, the internet’s most celebrated internet marketing community boasting over 200,000 paying clients. Obviously it’s a system that works. Before that I had gone to my first ever event in Las Vegas, where I joined a community of entrepreneurs and I met this guy from Norway too, which made me realise….

Damn, if this guy can make as much as $65,000 a month, so can I. Few months after the event November 2009, I did my first ever $40,000+ month in january 2010. This as you can see opened up many doors for me, and i got my first ever speaking gig in front of 750 people at Mark Anastasi’s, Social Media Millionaire Summit.

Shaqir Hussyin – Video

It was at the event, where i had offered a program to a select group of individuals and I remember I think around 32 people ran to the back of the room to give me £1500 each, which was like $2,500 per person. You can do the maths on that 😉 Long story short, doing events, speaking on stage became a fun addiction and since then I have spoken in front of THOUSANDS of entrepreneurs to share with them how to become successful.

Who have been your mentors or did you invented the wheel your self?

Mentors..? How long do you have lol? Mentors, coaches, consultants, trainers, i’ve hired them all, and i still hire them. This is by far the fastest way for anyone to become successful and shorten their learning curve.

My biggest mentor is and will always be my father. I have seen him go from strength to strength, he came to this country from Bangladesh with literally nothing except a burning desire to create, become free, create a life that he is proud of. He taught me / teaches me age old wisdom that has served me greatly, i am like really good friends with my father, we have a very close relationship.

Look, If you want to skyrocket your success, get a mentor. Someone who has already done what you want, go and pay them, hire them, spend time with them and do whatever they tell you. Outstanding mentors will rarely leave you astray. This year, 2013 – i have probably invested well over $75,000+ into my personal education, these days it’s something i love doing, I love spending money on myself, especially on my mind as I have found the highest ROI I get in life is when i invest in my self growth.

One thing I noticed early on is that it is faster to move forward just by paying a mentor to share their secrets, their story and their mistakes.  This is one of those “secrets to success”. So you can gather all of that, learn from it and just move at 100x the speed. Having said all of that I want to give a special shout out to these mentors of mine. I have had the good fortune to meet some of these mentors in person, others just via their products, seminars and live events.

This is a list of mentors, coaches, smart people I like to learn from:

  • Tim Ferriss
  • David Wood & David Sharpe
  • Tony Robbins
  • Eben Pagan
  • Jay Abraham
  • Dan Kennedy

Shaqir Hussyin – Fun In Mexico

Shaqir Hussyin Fun In Mexico

Building a website is 1, driving traffic to a website is then the major challenge, how do you solve that?

Like getting a mentor, another “secret to success” I learned very early on was that you should PAY your way forward. I am known to be that paid traffic expert in the home business industry today, and it’s because of the successes I brought myself and my clients through Paid Traffic methods.

I tried SEO, links building, social media but they was just not sexy enough for me, i got bored easily, I am excited by the economics of turning $1 into $10 via simple ads and then building a responsive list and following. Things did not move at the lightning speed that my brain does.  So I sat down and spent probably hundreds of hours and over $50,000 learning this whole paid traffic game and how everything works thru trial and error. 

So keeping this part short.

BUY targeted traffic, problem solved 🙂
You can go to to learn more about getting Done For You Website Traffic.

Shaqir Hussyin – Fun In USA

Shaqir Hussyin - Fun In the USA

You are 25, you make a lot of money, are you spoiled already :)?

I bought a little red Range Rover as my first car, one of those over-the-top diamond encrusted Breitling watch, I traveled 15-20 times all over the world in 2013, dined at the most fancy of restaurants… me spoiled? lol. No, Never!  Just kidding lol. Sometimes I buy stupid stuff to spoil myself and my family, only cos I never really had much money whilst growing up, but I have grown past that stage of buying material things and just being a consumer.

I prefer experiences over materials. One thing that has kept me super grounded is my faith.  I do like to splash on stuff when i found this “New Money”, but I quickly ground myself and not get caught up in the glitz-money-fame-external worldly stuff. I am a Muslim and I try my hardest to stay true and grounded. That is where my transparency in the market comes from. I also try to stay humble and I am SUPER grateful for everything my creator has given me.

There is a lot of things that are forbidden in my religion and so I have to do my research in my companies before I promote them, just to make sure that they will actually help people. Also my awesome team and I do what we can so our members, customers and community will have success as well.

What are your plans for the future?

  • I plan my time, if I live long 😉 1 year. 3-5 years. 10-25 years. I’ll share my 12 month goal:
  • Help 100,000 people get started online to realize their dreams
  • Grow the business to the $10 million per year revenue mark
  • Build my first school & mosque.
  • Do Hajj (The Islamic Religious pilgrimage)
  • Travel to 24 countries 😉
  • Get married.

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