Jed Buenaluz – Vemma Top Earner Interview

Jed Buenaluz


Jed Buenaluz is one of the most prolific and influential speakers and trainers in the network marketing industry.

His servant spirit has helped him build teams that span throughout the entire globe including North America, Asia, and Europe.

His travels have earned him an industry wide moniker as, Mr. International. Jed Buenaluz is steadfast in his approach as he is building his Vemma organization in every country and remaining one of the youngest and fastest growing leaders in the network marketing industry.

He currently resides in San Diego, CA where he lives a selfless life and continues to put his team, family, and God first.

Jed travels from state-to-state and around the world helping create and build networks that inspire an entrepreneurial culture that has sparked one of the largest revolutions the industry has ever seen.

Ted Nuyten had the honor to interview Jed Buenaluz.

Jed, what is the secret to your success?

God first. Family second. Business third. I am always grateful for what I have, but never satisfied.

How were you first introduced into Network Marketing?

Someone that I genuinely trusted and respected invited me to my first network-marketing meeting. At first I was extremely skeptical, but what caught my attention the most was the fact that the room was filled with career professionals.

There were doctors, attorneys and many big business owners that were in attendance. All of which were seeking another form of income just as I was.

At the time I was very young and making a below average income. The typical big ego with a small bank account attitude, but I knew within myself that I wanted to get ahead in life.  I saw network marketing as my opportunity to accomplish my goals, dreams and aspirations.

I knew that I had to humble myself and become coachable in order to begin my career in network marketing, which was difficult, but worth it. I became very successful; earned the company car, the big checks, and traveled all over the world. I am extremely grateful for what this has become for me and it is an absolute blessing to be able to work with people all across the globe.

Why Vemma?

Vemma is the most equally balanced company I’ve ever been involved with. It is a great combination of young people and adults that grow with this company in which there could never be a better time to get involved. When it is the right time with the right people and the right leaders, that is the most opportune moment to get started. Right now is that time. In 2012 Vemma hit $117 million dollars in sales and in 2013 Vemma hit $221 million in sales.

Over the next 24 to 36 months, Vemma is projected to be a billion dollar company. We have the best CEO, B.K. Boreyko with over 20+ years of experience in this indusrty. He stands by his personal philosophy and company mission statement, “to make a positive difference in the lives of people. Vemma is the most powerful form of liquid antioxidant, as it contains an ultra-premium blend of full-spectrum vitamins, plant-sourced minerals, whole-fruit mangosteen, organic glyconutrient-rich aloe vera and organic green tea.

This gives your body the essentials minerals necessary to form a solid nutritional foundation. What stands out the most about this company is its unique formula that reaches out to a broad spectrum of consumers through different product lines such as Vemma, Verve, Bold, ParTea, NEXT, and Bod-e. If our products don’t already target every age demographic of beverage consumers, this year we will be releasing Mojo, a coffee that places us within a $100 billion dollar drink market.


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What does YPR mean to you?

YPR stands for “Young People Revolution”. It is a movement of young individuals that have altered their paradigm in order to direct themselves toward reaching their goals and dreams.

They have changed the way that they make money in the most socially connected generation yet. YPR has completely revolutionizing the industry and gives everyone an equal opportunity to be in control of his or her financial future by becoming independent entrepreneurs, while in school. It is about people helping people, and young people helping young people. Not only is this YPR movement geared toward becoming financially set, but they also give back to the community.

YPR Cares has given me the opportunity to travel to Questa Chiquita, Guatemala with a group of leaders that strive to make a difference. Together we work day and night to build new homes for families in need. We carry a passion and desire to make a difference in the lives of others. Below is a video of our mission trip to Cuesta Chiquita, Guatemala.

What does it take to become successful in network marketing?

There are three keys to becoming successful in network marketing; desire, discipline, and direction. First you have to have desire. You have to want to become so successful, that nothing else matters. You must be willing to get up early and go to sleep late. Sacrifice something that is currently holding you back for the next 90 days and watch how it will help you get to your end destination.

Secondly, you have to become extremely disciplined. Set standards for yourself and hold yourself accountable for your actions. Have a set of rules to abide by and create a timeline. Lastly, you have to have direction. Find a guide or mentor that will show you the way to success. Become really coachable, learn from them and duplicate who they are in you, and take all out massive action. 

 Who are your mentors?

God, B.K. Boreyko, Tom and Bethany Alkazin and Brad Alkazin.

What was life like before you became successful in Vemma?

I grew up in a “single” parent household and we struggled financially and  always had to move from house to house. Despite everything, my mom sacrificed a lot for me and always made sure that I was happy and well taken care of.  

What drives you?

What drives me today is to help take Vemma to the multiple billions. I will help 1,000+ people reach a six-figure and even seven-figure income in the next 8-10 years

What is your WHY?

The “why” is the reason that keeps you going. It is what keeps you constantly motivated. In the beginning my “why” was to quit my three jobs. I never enjoyed working towards someone else’s dream. My mom soon became the reason why I had to make this happen. I didn’t want to see her struggle anymore. I wanted to retire her so that she could live the life that she deserved. I wanted to go on mission trips, help other people, and give back to those who needed it the most. THIS IS NOT JUST A BUSINESS, THIS IS A FAMILY!

When I look back, I definitely have to give it back to 3 amazing ladies who were there for me in the beginning: Holly, Ryka, and Natasha. My mentors who were the best encouragers: Tom and Bethany Alkazin, and Brad Alkazin for painting the vision of what this could become. And what continues to push me to wake up everyday and grind is the PowerHouse team. Many of whom have become an inspiration with such humble hearts that think of nothing else but paying it forward.

How do you Build Leaders?

Invest time into them Through Training and Mentorship; encourage them to incorporate Personal Development into their daily lives.

What is the key to Duplication?

The key to Duplication is education and having Leaders plug into a simple system that is easy and universal.  Our Team uses The Road Map to Success produced and  created by #1 income earner in vemma,  Tom Alkazin

What advice would you give to someone entering network marketing?

Get Started, Get Excited, Pay Attention, and Don’t Quit!

Contact details: Jed Buenaluz

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Phone number: 1-858-610-8430

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