Jim Lutes And Jim Britt Launch Quanta

Jim Lutes, Quanta


Quanta is attracting a lot of attention including both online and offline industry leaders as over 170 countries opened at launch.

Quanta is the brainchild of two industry veterans and personal development experts Jim Lutes and Jim Britt.  Based in California, USA they have created a company with the focus on human performance strategies that have already proven to sell tens to of thousands outside the industry.

Jim Britt is a seasoned entrepreneur peak performance specialist and top expert in the direct selling industry. He has consulted with over 300 companies within the industry and has put over 1 million people through seminars during his career. As partners with Jim Rohn for nearly a decade he has received the best of the best award out of the top 100 contributors to the direct sales industry.

He is the author of 16 best selling books and brings this vast experience to Quanta.

Jim Lutes Quanta’s other co-founder, has been in the direct sales industry for nearly 30 years having served as President of companies as well as an owner. He has been a master distributor and is ranked as a top industry trainer. Jim’s background is as a master hypnosis expert, NLP, and the human mind. His personal development company has conducted seminars worldwide for over 25 years.

Quanta seems to be filling a highly receptive niche as the programs they offer are based around proven personal growth techniques applicable to the vast majority of people.

According to Lutes and Britt the various programs they offer demonstrate how to actually let go of what’s holding you back from what you want, and shows you how to re-program for success in all areas of life. They say that Quanta programs are not your typical motivational approach, but rather provides a powerful journey into the art of self-mastery and permanent change.

All Quanta’s products are digitally delivered with plans for worldwide events in the future.

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