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Frabk Codina, CEO, Neurs


Frank Codina is the founder and CEO of NEURS, a new tech start-up based in Miami, Florida. NEURS connects entrepreneurs, business opportunity seekers, and those who provide services and opportunities to entrepreneurs in ways never offered before online or off.

NEURS launched in beta on January 26, 2014, to allow affiliates around the world to enroll for free and share the coming entrepreneur network and platform with others they know.

As of February, 26, 2014, one month into the beta launch, NEURS is beginning to gain massive momentum around the world as the company gears up for the launch.

In the first 30 days while in beta, NEURS has had:

  • 4 million page views
  • 1 million invitations sent
  • 675,000 unique visitors
  • Hundreds of thousands have accepted their invitations
  • Over 100,000 active users who have checked in at least once in the last 7-10 days
  • Affiliates have enrolled in 160 different countries around the world
  • Supports over 11 languages (with additional languages being added weekly.)

This is extremely impressive growth for any start-up company right out of the gates.

Today I'm interviewing Frank Codina, the founder and CEO of NEURS, to learn more about NEURS and how this new community of entrepreneurs may be able to benefit the network marketing and direct selling professions.

Frank, what is NEURS?

NEURS is a new community and hub for entrepreneurs and those who offer a service or business opportunity to entrepreneurs. In fact, NEURS will become a lot of different things for different people. For example, for entrepreneurs, NEURS will be a source of contacts or even funding to help them get their start-up idea off the ground.

For those seeking a business opportunity, NEURS will be their central source for all of the business opportunities available to them that fit their personality, likes, interest, location preferences, and investment level. And for those who provide a business opportunity or a service to entrepreneurs, NEURS will become a highly qualified lead source and networking site.

So for example, entrepreneurs who enroll on our site will have an online profile/questionnaire to fill out, just like you would if you were to enroll with eHarmony or any other match making service. But instead of matching people with other people, our technology matches people with business opportunities.

Those seeking a business opportunity are matched with opportunities that fit them using various factors through our propietary technology. Results could range from from a $99 start-up makeup or jewelry direct sales company, a $500 nutritional network marketing company, a $2500 landscaping business in a box, to a $1,000,000.00 franchise, and every business opportunity in between. 

One of our goals is to eventually have every business opportunity globally listed within the NEURS database. Lead generation will be a major benefit for those who offer a business opportunity. I'll provide a video you can link to that shows how NEURS will work for someone involved in the direct selling industry to give you a better idea:

What are the benefits for those involved in a network marketing company as a distributor?

For one, highly qualified leads. Those involved in social marketing will have the ability to generate local, national, and even international leads for their business. In addition to generating their own leads by reaching out to others, people interested in their business will also contact them directly within NEURS.

Because our goal is to have millions of members around the world and be the #1 destination for aspiring entrepreneurs, there will be a lot of people searching for home-based businesses. Social marketers will also have the ability to host their own webinars to educate potential recruits on their company, products, compensation plan, and how one can get started.

Entrepreneur account customers and those with full access accounts will also have access to NEURS University, which will provide great online training to help them further develop and train their entrepreneurial mind. Additionally, and this is one of my favorites, network marketers and direct sellers (whom we call social marketers) will have the option of running special offers.

These could be daily, weekly, or monthly, depending how many credits they want to use. A great example of this would be a woman in a social selling company that sells makeup. She could run a special offer saying that she has 10 free samples of a certain makeup that she'll mail out for others to try.  She may have people in her own town, state, or country take her up on her offer and try the products as another means to be introduced to her company and opportunity.

I'm just scratching the surface here. Social marketers are among the most creative, hardworking people out there. It's going to be fun to see how everyone uses NEURS to build their social marketing businesses.

Would it make sense for a network marketing company to become a customer?

Yes. In fact, we already have a number of network marketing and direct selling companies who will be listed in the database on Day 1.

Companies interested in being listed can enroll and one of our affiliates will be in contact with you to provide additional information.

 Frank Codina Neurs TV

How did you come up with this new business model?

Being an entrepreneur myself, I enjoy the process of being open to new opportunities and ideas. You just never know where inspiration will come from. In the case of NEURS, it was because of my brother.

Several years ago, a conversation with my brother changed my life forever. He came to my office and said, Frank, I need help. He wanted to start his own business because he was graduating from college, was looking at the current employment picture, which was concerning, and didn't know where to start. He wanted me to help him find his ideal business.

As we talked, I saw that he needed three things: a concept, connections, and capital. I went home and spent hours in research, which soon turned into days. The more I researched, the more I realized just how fragmented and confusing the business opportunity world really is. There are over 20,000 franchises globally.

There are thousands of social marketing opportunities around the world, as you know.  And there are tens of thousands of generic-type business models, or a business in a box opportunities such as bars or restaurants, a landscaping businesses, tool rental businesses, eBay businesses, online businesses, websites, and on and on. I realized that there was not one single database of all of the business opportunities available in the world.

So 3 years ago, I got together with a couple of business partners, armed with our own start-up capital, and began to build what NEURS has become today and what it will become in the months and years to come. As we traveled down the path to building out the database, ideas emerged on ways we could create a user-friendly community of business opportunity seekers, entrepreneurs, and providers of services or opportunities. The more people we spoke to the more we realized that most of them had no idea where to start when beginning the process of starting their own business.

To solve that, we wrote a book titled, START NOW that we will release when NEURS officially launches.

 Frank Codina Start Now Book

When will NEURS officially launch? And what is this START NOW book?

At the moment we're still in beta and affiliates can enroll right now for free to begin building their affiliate network. We will officially open the doors to allow entrepreneurs and providers to become customers in March/April, 2014. The START NOW book contains practical, time-tested strategies and specific advice for anyone to find, build, and profit from his or her ideal business.

The business doesn't have to be a tech startup or be based on a new brilliant idea or a disruptive business model. This book will help everyone find their ideal business, whether it be a franchise, social marketing company, or a business model that they didn't even know existed. We will launch the book (hardcover version) once NEURS officially opens the doors.

However, affiliates can get a digital copy for free right now in our VIP area in the back office, once they refer just 6 other affiliates to NEURS.

How is the NEURS business model different compared to direct selling companies?

We didn't want to compete with any of these companies because both the companies themselves and their millions of distributors around the world are all potential NEURS users and customers. We knew we wanted to offer a lucrative affiliate program, but we also wanted to allow everyone to take advantage of social selling and the viral nature of our business. 

And most importantly, we did not want to get in the way of anyones primary business. We decided to offer a multi-tired affiliate program. We pay large upfront commissions as well as monthly residual commissions for the life of all customers referred. But unlike most multi-tier affiliate programs that pay through just 2 or 3 levels, we decided to pay down 30 levels. Unlike social marketing companies, there is no cost to become an affiliate for NEURS and earn commissions.

There is no need for 3-way calls, autoships, complicated compensation plans to learn, hotel or home meetings, etc. Although surprisingly we're seeing many of our affiliates starting to host gatherings around the world with like-minded entrepreneurs to discuss NEURS, marketing, and business. That was not something we had expected to happen, especially prior to opening our doors. As far as the affiliate program, there will be optional upgrades to access additional affiliate marketing tools, videos, websites, marketing materials, on so forth.

These tools will be non-commissionable to comply with the affiliate marketing model rules and regulations, and priced extremely low. The small one-time fee basically covers our costs to offer the tools and marketing materials and is completely optional. Affiliates do not have to pay a penny to be able to generate commissions from the accounts they personally refer, just like a traditional affiliate program. Our commission plan is simple, clear, and transparent.

We pay out roughly between 49% and 70% of every dollar that comes in from customers that enroll into NEURS through the 30 levels. And because we're an affiliate program, we were able to launch into every single country around the world all at once. That would have been a very difficult feat if we had decided to be a social marketing company. Here is a video that explains the opportunity for affiliates during the initial beta roll-out:

How will NEURS Affiliates make money?

At this very moment, the actual dollar amounts on the commissions have not yet been disclosed. However, full details will be shown on a live webinar for NEURS Affiliates on March 8, 2014. What I can tell you right now is that affiliates will earn a large upfront commission on any accounts they personally refer, as well as a monthly residual income for the life of all the accounts.

Additionally, affiliates can refer other affiliates. As I mentioned, affiliates will be paid on all referred accounts down 30 levels within an affiliate’s network. I'll also mention that the only way one will be able to become a customer in NEURS is through an affiliate. This is unlike nearly every other affiliate program I have ever seen. For example, anyone can go to and purchase a book or some other item without an affiliate link. But at NEURS, we wanted to encourage affiliates and our customers to share their affiliate links with like-minded people.

We have built our technology from the ground up to be able to handle millions of customers flawlessly; it is based on the same programming technologies that large sites such as LinkedIn are running on. It will take less than 2 accounts being referred by a NEURS customer each month for their account not only to be free, but also to generate both upfront income and a growing monthly residual income. Potentially, a life-changing income.

We have run our affiliate program through various scenarios and seen that it will not take many accounts in one's affiliate network to generate a respectable part-time income on the side. Obviously I cannot make income claims or guarantees, but I can say that there are already affiliates on track for a six-figure payday in Month one. So for the go-getters out there, there is a real path to a six – or even a seven-figure annual income in NEURS. And when you consider that we're already available in 11 languages with at least one or two languages being added weekly, the entire world is your market. We plan to continue converting our materials, websites, and videos into every language available on earth where there are affiliates and potential customers.

And thanks to our vast community, we have many people in many countries already helping us transcribe everything we have, including creating voiceovers for our videos. So we are on track to achieving this goal very quickly.

How can someone learn more about NEURS and enroll into the affiliate program?

As I mentioned, we are currently still in beta. However, over the last month we have allowed affiliates to enroll and begin promoting NEURS to their contacts and begin building their affiliate network. So right now we have affiliates as well as potential customers, entrepreneurs and providers enrolling into NEURS for free. All new information is being shared on our live and recorded video broadcasts to our affiliates and potential customers and not being made to the general public just yet. For example, I host to two live broadcasts every Saturday to share NEURS news.

One broadcast is in English and then immediately following that broadcast, I host a second broadcast in Spanish. On Wednesdays we host a broadcast sharing affiliate marketing training, NEURS affiliate news, interviews, and more.

To stay up to date on NEURS news, you can enroll as a NEURS affiliate today. And don't forget, once you have completed just 6 affiliate enrollments, you'll unlock our VIP area and have access to additional training and marketing videos, as well as the START NOW book at no cost whatsoever. (End of interview.)

Note: Those who enroll via will receive an email with exclusive training, marketing materials, videos, and PDF's from an Independent NEURS Affiliate.

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