Organo Gold, Asea And Vemma Under Fire In Italy

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Below is a google translation of the news in the Italian news papers:

Source: Agenzia Parlementaire and La Stampa

Rome, March 10 – Sanctions for a total of 500,000 euro against the companies Vemma Italy (Euro 100,000 ), Asea Italy ( Euro 150,000 ) and Organo Gold Europe ( Euro 250,000 ) for unfair business practices that have affected tens of thousands of consumers in the field multilevel illicit sales of beverages.

Has decided the Competition Authority and the Market at the end of three distinct pre-trial proceedings, conducted in collaboration with the Group of the Antitrust Special Market Protection Unit of the Guardia di Finanza. The Antitrust Authority is proposed to consumers purchasing products through mechanisms aimed in reality at recruiting other sellers who are asked an initial contribution or subscribe for a program of personal purchases .

The system essentially provides for the involvement and participation of consumers in a pattern of buying and selling of products: those who join is encouraged at the time of entry into the system, to involve an increasing number of other consumers / dealers .

It is a distributive mechanism considered right from the Consumer Code for which the consumer can not make a contribution in exchange for the opportunity to receive compensation that is derived primarily from the introduction of other consumers into the scheme rather than from the sale or consumption of products.

The position of Asea Italy and Organo Gold Europe is further compounded by the fact that the two companies have curative properties attributed to their products that are not adequately demonstrated and certified. The following practices implemented by Vemma Italy, Canada and Asea Organo Gold Europe sanctioned by the Authority:

1 ) Initiation of a pyramid promotional system in which the consumer pays a contribution ' input ' ( also in the form of consumption) in exchange for the opportunity to receive compensation that is derived primarily from the introduction of other consumers into the scheme rather than from the sale of products marketed in theory : in fact , the turnover of each professional stemmed mainly from the mechanisms of entry or consumption and not from the sale of products.

2 ) Misleading and lack full information on earning potential, which appear totally unrealistic and functional to deceive consumers to get them to join the scheme: the vast majority of officers has not generated and received fees or negligible amount ;

3 ) in respect of proceedings against Italy and Asea Organo Gold Europe, the spread of misleading statements about the healing capabilities of products not demonstrated through appropriate certification.

In fact, the company Asea argues that the composition of the mixture would be marketed perfectly balanced and able to strengthen the immune system , promote the healing process and reduce the harmful effect of free radicals. Organo Gold Europe instead argues that the beverage made from ganoderma mushroom have properties that make it effective in the prophylaxis of nervous diseases , vascular and cancer without side effects.

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