Andrea Gebhardt – Javita Hits Black Diamond

Andrea Gebhardt, Javita


John Haremza, Master Distributor for Javita is delighted to announce a very significant milestone.
Congratulations Andrea Gebhardt for achieving the rank of Black Diamond.  The qualification for Black Diamond is $1 Million in monthly organizational volume and includes Rank Advancement Bonuses of $100,000.
The first part of Andrea’s story is typical.  As she says, “I went to school, got the degrees, got a good job, worked hard and got promotions.  I did everything you’re supposed to do to be successful and we were still living pay check to pay check and still falling behind every month”.
When she was introduced to network marketing she immediately fell in love with the industry and all it could offer.  She poured her heart and soul into her company but after 2 years of hard work and total earnings of $9000 she was frustrated.  Somehow a few hundred dollars a month did not seem adequate for the sacrifice, the hours and the effort she was putting in.  She began to question if it would ever work.
Andrea joined Javita just a year ago still working full time as a very busy Assistant Principal, wife and mother of 3 young children. She made Diamond in just over 4 months. The following month she made Blue Diamond, then a few months later Royal Blue Diamond and now Black Diamond.
Wow ….. what a great story!  As Andrea says, “I’m the same person, working just the same, doing the same things I was doing with my old company but what a difference in my check”.
Over the last 12 months she has earned over $300,000 and 10 months of that was part-time. Andrea says, “I loved my job and the people and I felt that I needed to finish out the school year”.  But her business is growing so fast and as hard as the decision was she felt she had to go full time after the Christmas break.
I’m so excited and so proud of Andrea.  As I look at Andrea’s story it reinforces the importance of the 5 critical elements to magnify and multiply our results. “No matter how good you are or how hard you work if all 5 critical elements are not in place you will not see the results you want”.  To get a better understanding of the importance of these 5 critical elements visit 

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