Natalya Tarkhova From Russia – Talk Fusion’s Blue Diamond

Natalya Tarkhova, Russia, Talk Fusion


Natalya Tarkhova builds a growing global business in just two years with Talk Fusion.

Natalya Tarkhova from Perm, Russia might be leading a very different life today if it weren’t for a single email she received two years ago.

Working for a business where regular online communication with clients was an everyday necessity, Natalya was intrigued when a Talk Fusion Video Email from a fellow manager appeared in her inbox.

“I immediately saw that it was a great tool to communicate with my clients,” said Natalya. “It also gave these clients a new way to share promotions and discounts with their customers while reducing advertising costs.”

When she learned about the potential to earn additional income by sharing Talk Fusion Video Email along with the rest of the company’s industry-leading video communication products with people she knew, Natalya seized the incredible opportunity right away.

“I saw for myself the possibility of unlimited income in 140 countries around the world, the ability to travel and the potential to lead a bright, beautiful life,” said Natalya.

She immediately joined Talk Fusion as an Independent Associate. Soon she had built an expansive network of Associates that would help her share the Talk Fusion Products and Opportunity in Russia and beyond.  Through tireless hours of hard work, dedicated support from her upline sponsor Blue Diamond Svetlana Shodunke and the application of Talk Fusion’s 4 Step System of Success, Natalya achieved the company’s distinguished rank of Blue Diamond in less than a year.

Enjoying the financial and time freedom that most people can only dream of, Natalya took full advantage of her newfound success by traveling to America, taking part in Talk Fusion’s bi-annual Dream Getaway vacation to Hawaii and purchasing a new Mercedes-Benz with monthly payments covered by the company’s Mercedes Madness Car Bonus.

Natalya continues to succeed today by inspiring her global team of Associates to work towards their dreams while showing others why Talk Fusion is the perfect vehicle to reach their own.

“I’ve realized that Talk Fusion is not only a revolutionary tool for video communication, but also a great opportunity to help anyone, from anywhere in the world, carry out their dreams,” said Natalya. “So much can happen when you follow the system and believe in your success.”

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