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Steve and Gina Merritt, MonaVie


Steve and Gina Merritt joined MonaVie more than eight years ago with zero previous success in direct selling. They were not first in MonaVie. They enrolled after 40,000 distributors had already gotten started and a year after MonaVie originally launched.

But since enrolling, Steve and Gina have achieved incredible success. They quickly rose to the rank of Black Diamond Executive and earned a black Mercedes-Benz. They didn’t stop there. Less than three years later, they achieved the rank of Crowne Black Diamond Executive, earning a $1 million bonus and a Lamborghini from MonaVie. 

To date, they have helped 152 friends in their organization earn $1 million, and they have changed the lives of thousands of people physically, financially, and spiritually.

After earning their new Jeep and thousands in bonuses through the 4×4 Bonus Pool, they give the next answers in a recent interview:

What’s more exciting to you: the Mercedes, Lamborghini, or Jeep?

Steve: We are more excited about our recent accomplishments—earning a Jeep and $22,000 is bonuses through the 4×4 Bonus Pool—than many of our other achievements! Why? Because this is new money MonaVie added as a promotion for everyone to earn, even new distributors, on top of our already lucrative compensation plan. The 4×4 Program, which includes a new up front bonus pool and a Jeep program, was implemented by MonaVie just six months ago in North America and it has already paid out more than $800,000 and more than 70 Jeeps have been earned.

How is the MonaVie 4×4 Program creating new momentum?

Steve: MonaVie has by far the most lucrative up front bonus pool in the industry, allowing new folks struggling in today’s economy to double and triple their initial investment within the first 28 days. They also have the most innovative car program in the industry. MonaVie realizes people need a car when they first get started in business, and they need an easy way to maintain it. We believe we can help every friend we put into the business earn a Jeep from MonaVie, and we are seeing this happen as more and more Jeeps are being earned every day.

Gina: The fact that we and our friends are seeing such great success in sponsoring new people and creating new volume in MonaVie proves again that you never listen to your critics. Skeptics have been saying for a few years now, ‘The grass is greener with a new company.’ We chose not to listen.

What is it about MonaVie that strengthens your commitment?

Gina: We have watched those who believed this myth of what we call MLM bottle rockets that start fast, make a lot of noise, and then BAM they are gone leaving many folks hurt and embarrassed along the way. We have yet to see one of them pass us by in a Lamborghini with their company’s name or logo on the side. Our suggestion is to stick with a company like MonaVie that’s in it for the long term. Founder and Chairman of the Board Dallin A. Larsen and President and CEO Mauricio Bellora have more than 60 years of experience at winning in this industry. MonaVie is a company that continues to reinvent itself and come up with new, innovative products while also enhancing what they already offer to its distributor force. You must realize that our success has more to do with you than the company.

What does A More Meaningful Life mean in this day?

Gina: That’s one of the main reasons to get involved with us. MonaVie is not a single trimester business—people’s lives are being changed. People are attracted to MonaVie because of the potential to earn long term, residual income, but we offer more than an amazing financial opportunity. MonaVie offers people A More Meaningful Life™. Through our MVP System and Life Long Learning Program, distributors in MonaVie receive education and inspiration that improves their lives. So not only do we offer optimal health with our wellness products, but we are trained and motivated by our own MonaVie leadership on how to become better communicators, build stronger relationships, win with my finances, and become a better spouse and parent. We believe if people only come into our business for the money than they will easily leave for the next big deal. We offer more meaning by showing people they can improve themselves, which eventually leads to them building a successful MonaVie business.

What can you tell us about what’s ahead for MonaVie in 2014?

Steve: If you haven’t already heard, MonaVie is investing significantly in a new movement for North America call mynt™. This is a brand new opportunity that will attract those in Gen C and give them the chance to create the next chapter in direct selling, all while backed by MonaVie. mynt will feature a completely new fitness product line at very competitive prices for the 18–34 year olds. The movement will begin first in North America, where MonaVie has already invested millions of dollars in research and development, and we will also invest in marketing as well as an awareness campaign for mynt.

What does the future hold for you in MonaVie?

Steve: Gina and I, along with the founders of MonaVie and other amazing MonaVie distributors, helped create the fastest billion dollar company in the history of direct selling, and we are about to do it again! Be sure to keep a look out for MonaVie and mynt as we look to make history by breaking the records we have already set. We are confident that 2014 will be the best year yet!

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