Talk Fusion’s Helder Pereira Leads South Americans To Financial Freedom

Helder Pereira, Talk Fusion


Helder Pereira of Portugal knows what it means to live a life of leadership. As the owner of a software development company for many years, Helder was very familiar with the intricacies of running a large organization and taking responsibility for its continual successes.

Overworked and overstressed, Helder put everything he had into this business. In 2008 when the global recession hit, Helder’s company took a significant financial plunge: the future became extremely uncertain for him and his family.

“The recession left us in a very difficult financial position,” says Helder. “Money isn’t everything, but when it’s suddenly gone, everything gets a lot more difficult.”

Helder discovered Talk Fusion at this pivotal time in his life. With a failing company and a growing need for income, Helder was immensely grateful to find such a solid opportunity where he could lead a business without all the typical stress he’d come to expect over the years.

“With my previous company, I couldn’t help people as much as I wanted because most of the time I was dealing with management and money needs,” says Helder. “With Talk Fusion, I could show new hope to many who no longer believe; to many who don’t have the means to get out of the hole they’re in; to many, like us, who had lost the freedom of time and money.”

Inspired by this new sense of hope, Helder committed himself to Talk Fusion. He implemented the company’s proven system of success and built a network of like-minded colleagues and friends throughout Portugal. Before long, his business was booming. By duplicating the simple techniques Helder had taught them, his team quickly expanded into Brazil and beyond as they shared Talk Fusion’s innovative Video Communication Products and enjoyed the company’s industry-leading Instant Pay Compensation Plan.

In less than nine months, Helder achieved the distinguished rank of Diamond Elite. Along the way, he qualified for incentives like a Mercedes-Benz paid for by Talk Fusion and two luxury Dream Getaway trips to Hawaii per year. To Helder, the chance to gain back his financial freedom while helping others do the same was, and still is, the most invaluable part of Talk Fusion.

“Talk Fusion has been helping us give back smiles to so many faces around the world,” says Helder. “It’s global, it’s simple, and it’s duplicable. Anyone can afford it and it rewards efforts instantly. To me, that’s amazing.”

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