Total Life Changes CEO Jack Fallon Signs Nearly $4 Million In Checks

Jack Fallon, CEO, Total Life Changes


Total Life Changes CEO Jack Fallon signs nearly $4 million in checks to his top earners as TLC hosted this year’s first major event at the World’s Largest Marriott in Orlando, Florida, USA.

“It was a tremendous honor to share our company’s success with our top twenty earners. We are especially proud of our newest members from Team USA.

They have made such a significant impact in such a short amount of time.

Kenny & Chante Llyod, Greg & Lenika Scott and Erwin & Twiler Portis are three “super couples” that are generating a tremendous interest in Total Life Changes’ business opportunity and the benefits of our line of Iaso™ nutritionals, weight loss and skin care products in the USA”, says Jack.

Each of these couples received $100,000 checks at the Orlando convention. This is a very intelligent group of couples that have a history of success in the network marketing industry. They have just scratched the surface of the U.S. market and recently announced Team USA’s WorldWide Expansion Tour; hitting six U.S. cities, the Bahamas, Japan, United Kingdom and Brazil.

“It is all happening so fast, but I have the right people in place to support this success. Armand Puyolt is our top earner and continues to take TLC across all boarders. He serves as a master distributor and mentor to many of our company’s rising stars. His greatest asset to the company is his ability and willingness to lead TLC into Latin America and share the company’s vision and our product success stories with others at an aggressive pace,” says Jack.

Total Life Changes - Team USA

Armand is bi-lingual, and this has proved to be very beneficial, especially with the explosion of success TLC is now seeing in the United States. Armand just cut the ribbon to the newest corporate office in Fontana, California. It is a beautiful facility and will serve as a “will call” for product pick-up as well as a meeting place for conferences with a state-of-the-art theater. Ten of the top earners in Total Life Changes have been mentored by TLC President, Armand Puyolt.

“I explained at the convention in Orlando that what we have been able to accomplish thus far is fantastic, but what lies ahead is going to be truly amazing. I have lasting partnerships with industry leaders like Dale Calvert and Mike Demetro that will continue to strengthen our leaders in the field and provide duplication in our marketing and training systems,” ads Jack.


Total Life Changes’ 2013 Rewards

TLC Representatives

Reward Received

Armand Puyolt


Eduardo Flores


Dr. Esther Ramos


Fred Herzog


Kenny & Chante Lloyd


Greg &  Lenika Scott


Erwin & Twiler Portis


Lester & Gina Berry


Francisco Ramirez




Roger Velez


Zonia Medrano


Angel Flores


Ulysses Alaniz


Guadalupe Factor


Miguel Rodriguez


Candelaria Sanchez


Ada Cabellero


Waleska Baez


Michael Factor


(20) Reward Checks

Totaling: $3,975,000

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