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★★★★★ (5 out of 5 stars based on 255 reviews)

Per year: $42.00 million

Per month: $3.50 million

Per week: $807,692

Per day: $115,068

Per hour: $4,794.52

Per minute: $79.91

per second: $1.33

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★★★★★ (5 out of 5 stars based on 255 reviews)
Kimiella Moore2021-01-20 06:53:16

Total life changes is an amazing company. They change my life for the better. I love all the products. Nutraburst and iaso tea I even give my kids. I take most products. Nutraburst all tea nrg and resolution I take daily. Life drop is a saver. Before tlc I couldn’t sweat no matter how hard I try them. The complan is called great one it help No other company compares to Total Life Changes! They have the best products and the best compensation plan! They continue to bring new ideas and products to the table, putting Life Changers in a fun environment to work in. They continue to give every one to win


Tawana Seabrook2021-01-19 18:17:44

Amazing products that I use daily! I am a product of the products. The company Comp plan is 100%. The training and information provided to daily regarding the products is words that I live by daily. I am so thankful and grateful for Jack Fallon and my Coach Juju. The weight that I have lost and the confidence, wisdom and knowledge I have gained I will not be who I use to be in my past years. I have lost over 30lbs in 3 months using these products. Using the Harmony Drops my anxiety and sleeping at night is speechless- best sleep!

Nikita Graves2021-01-19 00:32:51

I love love love My TLC Products! These are actually products you can feel! I have a low iron deficiency and 2 1/2yrs ago I started receiving iron and steroid injections, which caused me to gain weight rapidly. However, I started exercising at least 30 minutes a day and taking my Nutraburst, NRG, PHYTE, and Lemon Iaso CBD Tea and it has changed my life forever. With these amazing products I’ve been able to lose 30lbs. Wow! That’s why I get excited when I take my products especially my NRG. Because I know it will provide the energy, focus and clarity I need to last throughout my day. And the cherry on top is knowing there will be no crash! How exciting is that? There’s nothing I don’t love about these products.

The compensation plan is like no other! Our comp plan allows you to make multiple stream of income all in one plan. Total Life Changes has afforded me the opportunity to work from home, build healthy lives, build healthy and wealthy relationships. TLC is definitely the place to be!

Jessica & Jonathan Hill2020-12-12 06:14:36

This is an amazing company and the products work!! I have lost 30lbs and counting and I feel great!! I also have the opportunity to make extra income, while being healthy. Being in alignment with an amazing community has brought so many blessings into my families life!!! I love the energy of Mr. Jack Fallon and my favorite coach Stormy Wellington. Thank you Total Life Changes!!!! My entire tribe has made a healthy commitment to change and take back charge of their health!! I just hit Apprentice and plan on hitting Director by the end of 2020!!! I can’t wait to see what 2021 and the future of TLC has to offer!!

Sunny2020-12-11 00:27:19

I love TLC products,I’ve tried almost all of them! I am satisfied as a customer and distributor. I suffer from IBS so it’s hard for me to lose weight, but I’ve lost over 30 lbs without exercising or dieting! I’m consistent with taking my products and I love walking and hiking in the park. My favorites are NRG, Nutraburst, PHYTE, and Lemon Iaso CBD Tea. I will be taking these products for the rest of my life because they make me feel amazing.I’ve tried everything from diets to prescriptions from m doctor and nothing works like TLC products!

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