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Travis Tarr, Visalus


Neil Haley, The Total Tutor host of the Simply G Radio show, interviewed Travis Tarr to find out about his business and how he joined the Challenge.

Tarr is a Visalus Ambassador and a physical therapist. He helps patients be in shape and recover from surgeries and other injuries. Tarr learned about the ViSalus Project 10 Challenge from a friend who went to the Miami Vitality. They were not in the best shape, so they decided to accept the challenge and become healthier.

In this interview, Tarr explains that one of the reasons he decided to promote the Challenge was because he was dealing with people arthritic problems in his practice and yet he was not in the best shape. How could they take his advice if he was unwilling to live by it himself, he said. According to Tarr, the ViSalus products have helped his family lose 140 pounds in 90 days. His family no longer needed their blood pressure medicines thanks to this weight lost, as every pound lost leads to .4 pounds less of joint stress. Since promoting the Challenge, Tarr said his patients have lost 140 pounds too.

On the show Tarr also explained how he can promote the Challenge even though he is very busy, what his mission is and how the ViSalus business did not change his time commitment to other important parts of his life. He also said that people interested in the Project 10 Challenge understand the goal of going out and losing 10 pounds at a time.

Host Haley asked Tarr why he thinks people should join his team: “The company has a great track record. I am able to carry that message and connect the industry. I know what it means to be healthy and make money.

When Tarr was asked about working with 90-Day Challenge co-founder, 5 Star Ambassador and Vi Millionaire GJ Reynolds, he said, “When I first met GJ and [his wife] Alita I saw how they truly care about me. They want to know my thoughts and impressions. The environment GJ creates is tremendous. When I have questions for GJ, he is there to answer them. He inspires people.

Haley added “GJ brings new ideas to you and is able to dissect them.”

GJ said, Travis and Holly are extremely busy and have multiple businesses. They understand what hard work and staying a course is all about. They know how to use time valuement to accomplish what is important.

GJ also shared, When I hear people say they do now have time, I laugh and think of the Travis and Holly. They live and show when you choose to elevate your life, you are able to, regardless of how busy you are. They are goal oriented and choose to make the time for what is important. What is more important than transforming your life and those around you? Travis and Holly live this!

Travis and Holly also have excellent leadership with 5 Star Ambassador Bryan Bellville, his brother 3 Star Ambassador Neil Bellville and 2 Star Ambassador Bill Nissen. Great people attract great people!, said GJ.

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