34-Year Network Marketing Veteran Robert Blackman Joins Sozo Life

Robert Blackman, Sozo Life


Robert Blackman is the Author of two MLM books on Amazon.com.  “How to Sit Back & Get Rich in Any MLM” (1996) and “MLM Big Money” (2011). 

Robert Blackman is known as The Doctor of Direct Mail

Robert designed and created one of the world’s largest online recruiting systems that generated over 3,000,000 optins and converted 80,000 of those into paid auto-ship distributors in a 18-month period.

He is one of the few distributors that has created large downlines in both warm marketing and cold marketing.

Robert stated:

Over the last decade I have been totally focused on my family, coaching my five children and consulting.  I’ve been semi-retired, looking for the right program to get back in the game with.

When I was approached by good friend, Steven Bratcher, about Sozo Life a year ago, I said no. I didn’t think they were ready. Just recently, wife Sheri and I had a chance to go to Austin, Texas and meet the Co-founders Mark Adams and John Constantine.

After a five hour meeting we headed back to the hotel to go to dinner and in the elevator I asked my wife “what do you think?” She replied:  “If you’re not going to do this one, I am!”

In our 14 years of marriage I had never heard that from her or ever seen her so excited. I believe that the “Coffee Berry” story is something nobody can ignore.

The fact that Sozo went to the expense and time to get an “exclusive” in the direct sales arena on this one-of-a-kind anti-oxidant is unprecedented. Just imagine if companies in the past had got an exclusive on:

  • Pycnogenol
  • Colloidal minerals
  • Blue Green Algae
  • Mangosteen
  • Acai Berry

Once we learned the story, we immediately saw the opportunity. Coffee Berry is a fruit and can be added to any kind of product.

Currently it’s in our:

  • Coffee (real ground coffee and instant)
  • Weight loss coffee
  • Skin care
  • Energy drink
  • Functional beverage + 20 fruits and beverages

All five of those categories are BILLION dollar industries. And, the fact they currently have less than 10,000 distributors and investors like Michael Jordon, Carlos Slim and Michael Dell are on board, their financial backing is stronger than any other four year old company we have ever seen!

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