Amway Using Yale To Improve Its Products

Doug Devos, Amway, CEO


Amway is tapping into the expertise of Yale University to improve products its makes to lighten age spots, and other skin tone issues.

Amway has extended its exclusive research partnership with the Ivy League university through 2016, adding an additional three years to the original agreement.

Doubling the length of this collaboration allows Amway scientists to continue their research with John Pawelek, a Yale Lab associate and research faculty member, on the molecular biology involved in skin pigmentation – specifically hyperpigmented spots.

Understanding the pathways involved enables the development of more effective, more targeted treatments, according to the Ada-based company, a multi-level marketing company, that sells cosmetics, vitamin supplements and household products.

The findings will be used to create “breakthrough” products in Amway’s high-end Artistry Ideal Radiance collection that target skin brightening. These types of products are especially in high demand in Asian countries.

“Our collective research will inspire targeted scientific advancements that will empower women around the world by bolstering their confidence,” said Pawelek, who is a published, patented expert in pigmentation processes, the causes of skin discoloration and the causes of metastatic melanoma.

Hyperpigmented disorders are the result of highly increased melanin, the pigment responsible for producing color in hair, skin and eyes.

One of the focuses of the collaboration will be on coming up with products to address age spots, which are more difficult to treat than other types of discoloration.

Pawelek is also a member of the Artistry Scientific Advisory Board, a global network of experts in skin health and skincare research. The panel, created in 2007, advises Amway scientists on a range of topics, while guiding new pathways for research and technology exploration.

Amway scientists have implemented research studies with several board members, which have led to game-changing product development initiatives, the company said.

“This exclusive partnership with Yale aligns the key pillars of the Artistry brand – discovery, imagination and invention,” said Catherine Ehrenberger, Amway vice president of research and development. “We’re elevating our scientific credibility with forward steps that boost skincare technologies in Artistry brightening products and, ultimately, improve the lives of women everywhere.”

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