ITWorks Global Welcomes Ashley and Daniel Sinclair Into Its 2014 Millionaire’s Club

IT Works Global, Ashley Sinclair


Recently, ITworks Global welcomed 14 new individuals into their Official Millionaire’s Club, celebrating them with a big party and open arms from the past entrants.

Ashley Sinclair, along with her husband Daniel, have worked as a team to earn this honor in record time by using their friendly West Texas charms within their combined spheres of influence.

By mainly focusing their efforts on skinny wraps (AKA those “crazy wrap things”) and recruiting others to embrace the ITWorks model of direct sells and distribution, Ashley and Daniel not only achieved the million dollar yearly “prize” for themselves, but they have helped many others alter their finances in significant ways.

They make it their goal to train more “regular people like them” so that more people can join them in the Millionaires Club very soon.

Their story underscores the bigger story of a growing trend: Thousands of other female entrepreneurs are finding out that there is a way to change their own lives by helping others to help themselves.

And just as with Mary Kay representatives (et al) who make money by “selling beauty” and also teaching other women how to be more confident in their abilities to grow a personal wealth base, females in all sorts of direct sell groups are not worrying about glass ceilings and tiny raises.

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