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Jeanne Edimo


Talk Fusion Blue Diamond Jeanne Edimo: From Selfless Leadership to Life-Changing Success

“Busy” is an understatement when you’re working two full-time jobs in addition to being a full-time student just to make ends meet. Jeanne Edimo knew this all-too-well as she struggled for years on a traditional and unsatisfying career path.

Left with almost no time to spend with her family and loved ones, Jeanne thought a better life was something she could only dream of…until she discovered Talk Fusion.

“When I was invited to watch the presentation, I was mesmerized by the product and opportunity,” said Jeanne.  “It was the answer to my prayers.”

Jeanne fell in love with the potential she saw in Talk Fusion: a global business that would empower her to share cutting-edge Video Communication products and earn extra income from her efforts. When she learned that she could invite others to join her, Jeanne knew she had found the opportunity she’d always been searching for. It wasn’t about just changing her life, but the lives of so many struggling just like her.

Wasting no time to make her dreams a reality, Jeanne developed an unwavering commitment to building her business. By learning and applying Talk Fusion’s simple system of success, she built a fast-growing team of Associates to share the company’s innovative products and life-changing Business Opportunity around the world.

“I felt so comfortable bringing everyone in to Talk Fusion because I knew we have a great, great opportunity,” said Jeanne. “I always ask myself, ‘How can I help? What can I do to make a difference?’ and Talk Fusion was a big piece of that puzzle.”

Jeanne’s selfless leadership approach—the ability to value her team members’ success as much as her own—helped her quickly reach the distinguished rank of Blue Diamond. Along the way, she earned exciting incentives like a Mercedes-Benz with monthly payments covered by Talk Fusion and two Dream Getaways per year to beautiful Hawaii.

“Talk Fusion gave me flexibility. It gave me financial freedom,” says Jeanne. “This is a company that gives you the possibility to really dream big and really make it happen.”

Today, Jeanne enjoys a newfound sense of independence as she continues to lead a global team toward achieving their dreams with Talk Fusion.

Income Disclaimer:

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