Latino Top Industry Leader Jerry Lopez Joins LyfeStart

Jerry Lopez, Lyfestart


LyfeStart International welcomes Jerry Lopez as a LyfeStart Executive Advisor and Founding Member of The LyfeStart Advisory Board, The LAB.

In his previous role, Lopez was a top field leader and business builder, leading the Latino initiative, pioneeringthe opening of that company’s first Latino effort in the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico,and inspiring thousands to achieve direct sales success.

Jerry Lopez is a true mentor, where personal growth paves the way to financial growth, having created the first six-figure income earner in Puerto Rico in his first six months, while simultaneously building leadership in the mainland where he helped two others achieve the same success —all within his first 18 months with the company.

“I’m a big believer in the importance of leadership. I have such personal respect for LyfeStart’s founders, with their years of industry experience. Their innovations and LyfeStart’s generous compensation plan are bringing incredible rewards to our community,”says Lopez.4

LyfeStart’s founders include CEO Christopher Pair Garza and President of International, John Purdy.

“One of the big takeaways for me about LyfeStart is the aspect of philanthropy. For every Nourish ShakeLyfeStart sells, the company provides a meal for a child in need. It allows the individual to take personal responsibility simply by drinking a shake,” explains Lopez.

“LyfeStart’s Nourish shakes offer optimal nutrition and they help fund a good cause. They are part of the solution to ending global obesity and worldwide hunger. In fact, of the most populous nations in the world, Mexico and the United States have the highest rates of obesity and overweight, reaching epidemic proportions, and I am extremely excited to know that shortly after the U.S. launch, we will be launching Mexico,” says

“LyfeStart is already taking off in the Latino market, and I’ll be right there in the lead as a LyfeStart Pioneer. I think of this as my time to step up and be at the forefront of one of the most exciting ventures in direct sales, and we’re about to make history,” Lopez adds. Jerry Lopez brings to LyfeStart skills as an enthusiastic trainer, bringing out the best in people on their journeys of personal growth and breakthrough financial success.

He says of LyfeStart’s Health, Wealth, Self focus, “It is the combination of the three together that is transformational.” For Jerry Lopez, his wife, two children and love for God are the center of his success. He
is here to make a difference in people’s lives and show them that it is possible to live the life they've always wanted.

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LyfeStart is the first socially conscious, global network marketing company committed to providing sustainable solutions to the dual crisis of global obesityand worldwide hunger. LyfeStart empowers people to create change in their lives, so they can improve their health, achieve their potential, and provide nourishment for a child in need. For every Nourish Nutritional Protein Shake the company sells, LyfeStart provides a meal for a hungry child. Learn more at Follow us on and

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