Top Industry Leaders Paula Foeller and Mitch Spangler Join Nerium

Paula Foeller, Mitch Spranger, Nerium International


Nerium International is one of the fastest growing companies in the Relationship Marketing industry.

In 2013 they were honored with the Bravo Award for Growth from Direct Selling News. With over $105 Million their first year and $219 million their 2nd in only USA Nerium become a phenomenal in the Network Marketing Profession and is well positioned for International Expansion starting with Canada.

Jeff Olson, CEO has an industry-wide reputation of success and leadership. He has been a top distributor in several companies, building multimillion-dollar sales teams all across the world.

Paula Foeller is a single mom of 3 children from Canada.  She has been in network marketing for 9 years, her life has been transformed as a result of this amazing profession. She went from being a struggling single mom to building a organization that helped over 40 families create a 6 figure and multiple 6 figure income and reached monthly team sales of 5 million a month. Her passion and commitment is to help other people to create success.

“I believe that if we have a team of people who each pick one person to believe in more than that person believes in themselves, we can change the world”

She was not searching for a new company, however after taking a close look at Nerium she fell in love with what the company stood for and their values. “I love their Go Slow to Go Fast motto she said.  So many people are looking for a safe place that they can grow at their own speed and this company provides the tools, system culture and leadership for people to change lives .”  Paula is very excited to help lead the international expansion into Canada and beyond.

Mitch Spranger has been in Networking for the past 25 yearrs, as a single father of two children. Mitch struggled for many years but never gave up. In his previous company he reached his highest level of success helping 206 families reach car qualification and 6 families reach a 6 figure income. 

“The network marketing industry has taught me to never give up on yourself, your family or your partners”. 

Mitch stated, he is grateful for all of the struggles he went through, it is what created the personal growth and satisfaction of helping others reach success.

Paula and Mitch met while building their teams in their previous company.  Even though Paula lives in Canada and Mitch lives in the United States they have made it work and have been together for over 3 years now. Mitch describes his leadership style as leading from the heart, and helping the newest person develop as a leader and achieve success is the most important thing.

“I am not the top recruiter, I am a great team builder”. 

He states. Mitch and Paula are so excited to be partnering with Nerium and it's top leaders Ron Forrester, Leslie Hocker, Evan Klassen, Bill Boone, and Mark and Tammy Smith who are all committed to Nerium for the long term.

We are thrilled to be part of our teams commitment to  Mission1000 and Beyond of helping 1000 families reach a 6 figure a year income. This will be an epic journey we look forward to impact many life’s.”

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