USA Receivers Going After Ponzi Leaders Worldwide?



A common misunderstanding among Ponzi players / net winners is that, if they reside outside of the USA they are safe from clawback litigation in the USA.

Clawback ligitation is when a (USA) court appointed receiver goes after the net winners of a Ponzi.

Those who had invested in a scheme for a considerable period of time faced the prospect of being on the hook for hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of dollars….

In the Zeek Rewards case the receiver is preparing such clawback's and stated:


We have sued more than 9,000 of these “net winners” in the United States

We will soon sue net winners who live outside the United States.

I remain hopeful that we will add tens of millions of dollars to the pool from which we will make final distributions to claimant victims.

Unfortunately, these efforts will take quite a long time, maybe years.


So stay out of Ponzi's like TelexFree or Zeek Rewards, etc, you do not want that the USA is sending a nasty letter to your countries tax office that the USA government has a (Tax) claim on you….


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