Wings Network Suspends US Operations After Pyramid Allegations

Carlos Barbosa, Wing Network, CEO


Wings Network suspends US Operations, the move comes after it was revealed less than a week ago that the Massachusetts Securities Division was investigating the company.

According to the wings Network website:

We are a company with an innovative view of using Multi-level as a global sales channel of Online and Mobile Marketing Solutions.

Wings was born already adapted to the new reality of the market, bringing innovative products and technological projects that allow your smartphone to deliver total mobility for you and for your business.

The company is leaded by CEO Carlos Barbosa, member of the Economists Order of Portugal with more than 20 years of experience in the Market. Carlos Barbosa led projects with companies such as SAP, Andersen Consulting, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, and Deloitte before taking control of Wings in 2013.

Wings Network charges affiliates $299 to $1,499 for positions on the promise of recruitment commissions paid – on the condition participants rope new affiliates into the scheme.

We attended one of their events,’’ Massachusetts Secretary of State (USA) William F. Galvin said.

“We had heard from some investors who, in light of TelexFree, had become concerned — and we’re concerned.’


Filed on May 15th, the SEC Filed a complaint in order to commence an adjudicatory proceeding against Wings Network.

Defendants in the complaint are:

  • Vinicius Aguiar – Wings Network affiliate.
  • Grupo International – front company, owned by Vinicius Aguiar.
  • Sergio Tanaka – owner of TropikGadget with Josefar de Soussa Silver.
  • Geovani and Priscila Bento – Wings Network affiliates who ran hotel presentations for the company and engaged in door-to-door promotion.
  • TropikGadget – company behind Wings Network with a PO Box in the UAE (TropikGadget FZE, owned by Narendrakumar Mansukhlal Modha) and physical address in Portugal (TropikGadget Unipessoal LDA).
  • SuccessWealth 101 Inc. – owned by Geovani and Priscila Bento, with Geovani serving as President, Secretary, Treasurer and Director.

Source: Behind MLM

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