Anna Tsarnenko – Talk Fusion Diamond Elite From Russia

Anna Tsarnenko, Talk Fusion, Russia


You don’t have to be a sales pro or marketing guru to succeed with Talk Fusion. If anyone exemplifies this fact, it’s Talk Fusion Diamond Elite Associate Anna Tsarnenko of Russia.

Before Talk Fusion, Anna worked as a chief specialist at a large bank for eight years. With a baby on the way, Anna took a maternity leave towards the end of her banking career. While on leave, she found herself with a great deal of time at home. When her friend Natalya Tarkhova sent her a link to Talk Fusion’s Business Opportunity Presentation, Anna attended with a curiosity that would eventually transform her life.

“Natalya told me about Talk Fusion and how I could earn a second source of income from the Internet,” said Anna. “With a small child on the way, it seemed like a great opportunity to provide for the future.”

After learning about the potential of Talk Fusion’s innovative Video Communication products—how she could literally work and earn income from anywhere in the world—Anna realized what a solid opportunity she had on her hands. She joined Talk Fusion immediately.

Anna quickly learned Talk Fusion’s easily duplicable principles of success under the mentorship of Natalya, who was now her upline sponsor. By actively applying these principles, Anna experienced a rapid ascent to success as she built a growing team of Associates who would share the company’s proven opportunity and innovative products just as she had with them.

“I couldn’t imagine the financial results I would achieve in just a few months,” said Anna.

“In five months, I qualified for the Mercedes Madness incentive and bought a silver Mercedes with payments made by Talk Fusion. After eight months, I achieved the rank of Diamond.”

In just under a year, Anna had reached the highly distinguished rank of Diamond Elite. Along the way, she earned a twice-yearly luxury vacation to Hawaii courtesy of the company’s Dream Getaway incentive and the financial freedom to provide a very bright future for her new son.

Today, Anna leads a large international team of Associates as she travels the world and enjoys a new life outside the confines of the traditional 40-hour workweek. For her, this is only the beginning.

“We have such an incredible future ahead at Talk Fusion,” said Anna. “Bring a real desire to change your financial well-being and you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve with this company.”

Income Disclaimer:

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