How To Build A $1 Million+ MLM Business

Alex Morton, Vemma


At Business For we are getting this question on an almost daily basis.

And some uninformed people think they can earn without any effort…

We are not aware of any top earner in any company who has not worked his/her a… off for their awesome result πŸ™‚

Any Ad – Banner saying Make money, No Sponsoring, No Recruiting, No Selling Required is way off.

Maybe Alex Morton – one of the Direct Selling Industry young top earners hit the nail in a recent facebook post:

Alex Morton:

  • Must be nice.
  • I want your lifestyle.
  • I'm so jealous.
  • You got in early.
  • You got so lucky.

Flew 300,000+ miles in the last 12 months. Haven't been in one city for more than a week in I can't even remember. Had to send my mom flowers on her birthday, card to my dad on Father's Day because I was doing meetings across the country.

I have sacrificed relationships, family time, physical, emotional, mental health for this business.

You know why?

Because every MOVEMENT needs LEADERS. Every WAR needs generals on the front lines showing the path to victory. Every REVOLUTION has to have that one nut case, obsessed, out of control, loud, aggressive individual leading the way to SUCCESS.

I've gone hard, I'm going to go harder. I've worked a lot, Im going to work more. I've made sacrifices, I will sacrifice more. I've traveled a lot. I'm going to travel more.

We will obtain massive success & victory. If YOU don't step up, YOU, yes YOU.. Mr. I think I've made it, I think I deserve to relax, I think I can be a manager, I think I've paid my dues you'll be LEFT BEHIND.

People can say whatever the hell they want. One thing they'll never say though is that He got lucky.

I'm going ALL IN & finishing 2014 harder than ever. Who's with me?

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