Industry Leaders Finding Success At Vísi

Kent Lewis, Visi, CEO


Vísi, a progressive global network marketing company, has been making waves by breaking its own sales records month after month and by attracting the veritable who's who of industry leaders.

We have worked hard to build a foundation for Vísi that empowers our Partners and enables them to succeed, Founder & CEO Kent Lewis said.

We have assembled an executive team with over 100 years of experience in the industry, we have innovative products that can't be found anywhere else in the marketplace and we have teamed with the best vendors in the industry to create the best user experience possible.

The list of industry leaders who have joined Visi is growing daily. Leaders such as, Mark & Alinda Hale are finding amazing success with Visi. Mark & Alinda have achieved the prestigious rank of Arctic Ruby, earning a rank advancement bonus of $5,000. This is in addition to the $7,500 average weekly income associated with their rank.

We were drawn to Vísi because of the timing, Alinda said. We saw that the company was still relatively young, yet it was growing rapidly and had entered a huge momentum phase.

Michael O'Brien & Tim Lunsford joined Vísi prior to the company's annual convention in March and have seen incredible success, rapidly reaching the rank of Arctic Emerald. “After looking at numerous companies across the industry we chose Vísi for a couple simple reasons,” Tim Lunsford said. “We believe in the four gentlemen running the company.

We know to achieve true success you have to have a product line nobody else has, and most importantly the timing for Vísi to become the next legacy company couldn’t be any better.”

Jen & Josh Purga joined Vísi after finding success in a prior network marketing company, and in a few short months they have already achieved the rank of Arctic Emerald. “We have a chance to be a part of something significant because we’re bringing top quality products to market with a company that is financially stable and is in momentum.” Jen Purga said.

“To think that one of the founding principles of Founder & CEO Kent Lewis is that we become better every day confirms this is the right place to plant my flag. Getting better every day is the only way we WIN.”

Advancing to Arctic Emerald comes with more than it's share of perks for O'Brien, Lunsford and the Purgas. Arctic Emeralds at Vísi can easily earn over $10,000 a week or more, not to mention the $10,000 bonus they earn for achieving the rank.

Vísi's success isn't limited to its Partners in the Unites States. Vísi's record-breaking success has included exponential growth in Asia where 24 Partnerships have reached the rank of Arctic Ruby or higher since the beginning of 2014.

Earnings are just a part of the benefits for Vísi's new leaders. Their recruiting efforts earned them a place on Vísi Voyage Norway, Vísi's 2014 incentive trip which is a cruise through breathtaking Scandinavian fjords. This 8-day, 7-night cruise is a once-in-a-lifetime trip that takes leaders to the home of the Arctic Cloudberry, the berry that is part of all of Vísi's products and a key component to their innovative AC2 Technology.

Vísi's new leaders have also earned an all-expenses paid trip to the company's Premier Summit leadership retreat this September at the beautiful Snowbird Resort in Utah. This three-day event in Utah's Wasatch Mountains gives leaders the opportunity to interact with executives and corporate staff as the strategy and plans for the company are shared and discussed. Attendees of the Premier Summit are treated to fabulous food, spectacular mountain vistas and fun team-building activities.

Vísi's Founder & CEO Kent Lewis is confident about Vísi's future. We have been thrilled with the company's performance in the first half of 2014 and we are preparing for the exponential growth we expect to see in the years to come, Lewis said. We have great products, a great staff and great leaders that share our vision of the company. We will continue to get better everyday.

About Vísi

Vísi is a progressive global network marketing company that promotes personal development and improved lifestyles through the distribution of innovative products derived from Scandinavia’s Arctic Cloudberry. Founded in 2012, Vísi produces seven all-natural products aimed to improve the health and lifestyles of people all over the world.

Vísi is driven by a network of Partners in over 18 international markets; including the United States, Canada and Japan. For more information, please visit

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