Jason O’Toole – ViSalus Leads Canada-Wide PROJECT 10 Challenge Launch

Jason O'Toole, ViSalus


Leading thousands of Canadians promoting the PROJECT 10™ Challenge is Jason O’Toole.

As a Global Ambassador, Jason has worked on the frontlines to help improve people’s life, health and prosperity across Canada. And now, Jason is aggressively building momentum towards the Canada-Wide PROJECT 10 Challenge Launch in Toronto (July 18 & 19), empowering teams throughout the country.

“Vi pioneered one of the best home-based businesses Canada has ever seen,” says Jason. “These coming months we expect to help even more Canadians at a faster pace, show them how we have a weight-loss and fitness solution that can help, as well as give them an entrepreneurial opportunity like nothing they’ve ever seen before.”

Jason sees the PROJECT 10 Challenge leading the charge to spread health awareness and solutions to Canadians.

“By losing 10 lbs on PROJECT 10, you are part of the solution in combatting obesity and inspiring Canadians to be healthier and more entrepreneurial,” Jason explains. “Our 90-Day Money-Back Results Guarantee and opportunity to earn thousands of dollars, coupled with the ability to help children with every 10 lbs lost or 10 lbs of muscle gained makes PROJECT 10 pretty powerful.”

Jason’s heart – and what fuels his passion – is PROJECT 10™ Kids.

“Most exciting about PROJECT 10 is being able to help Canadian children begin their own journey to healthier lifestyles,” says Jason. “In 2014 alone, over 15,000 shake meals were donated for PROJECT 10 Kids. We also have 46 Vi Charity Partners throughout the Canadian Providences, and 6 of those are Boys and Girls Clubs.”

The July event in Toronto will bring together more than a thousand leaders to officially launch the PROJECT 10 Challenge in Canada.

“This event will be a defining moment for our leadership team,” says Jason. “We will have our 3 Vi Co-founders in attendance, alongside many of our top-income earners who have helped with this launch. Our goal is to have at least a thousand people there who have ‘built it’ or ‘lost it’ in Toronto, representing a thousand children who were helped right here in Canada. But that’s just the starting point.

From there, we’ll target city by city, and continue bringing the PROJECT 10 Challenge to thousands.”

For Jason, just the visual of hope can inspire change.

“Every time you see an ‘i LOST it.’  or ‘i BUILT it.’ shirt, make sure to thank them,” says Jason, “because they are the Champions; each shirt represents the hope that we can become healthier and more fit… and each shirt represents a child who has won.”

*Achievement in weight loss depend upon many factors such as exercise, discipline and determination.

About ViSalus

ViSalus, Inc. is a healthy lifestyle company that is dedicated to Challenging the World… 10 lbs. at a Time. Founded in 2005, ViSalus develops high-quality weight-management products and nutritional supplements that it markets and sells direct-to-consumers through an international sales force of independent promoters.

ViSalus markets its products in North America under the ViSalus® brand and in Europe under the Vi brand, through the Body by Vi Challenge®. ViSalus is headquartered in Los Angeles, California and Troy, Michigan and is majority-owned by Blyth, Inc. (NYSE: BTH). For more information about ViSalus, please visit vi.com and follow the Vi-Community on Facebook and Twitter.

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