Krystal and Brett Williams – mynt Hit Ruby Executive

Krystal and Brett Williams, mynt, MonaVie


Krystal and Brett Williams from Corona, California, USA hit the rank of Ruby Executive in mynt.

This inseparable couple gives us a glimpse into what makes them tick.

You can just feel their passion and drive; it’s the kind of vibe that just lets you know they will continue in their success.

They know what they want and have a plan; they just needed the right vehicle to get there, and they found it with mynt.

mynt rewards based on effort

Krystal and I…we both work full-time jobs. We take our daughter to daycare every morning at 7 a.m., prior to pre-school starting. After pre-school, she goes to afterschool care until we can make our way back from work, which is usually around 6 p.m.

This is our current routine, but it is temporary. Our ultimate goal is to take back control of our lives so that we can determine how much money we make, when we take vacations, and how much family time we can spend together.

Once our mynt income exceeds the income from both our full-time jobs, we’ll leave those jobs and focus solely on the mynt lifestyle. And, for us, that means time freedom, financial freedom, and lots of quality time together as a family.

Not waiting for retirement

It has been embedded into everyone’s head that you go to school, get a career, work for 30+ years, and then retire finally having time to do what you want. With mynt each person has the same opportunity on the same compensation plan to achieve whichever destiny they choose.

If someone wants to rank Black Diamond, the criteria is not based upon how well you test or how long you have been with a company; rather, it is based upon your own efforts and determination. We love having the ability to choose the amount of income we want, make a plan, set the amount of hours we can dedicate to the business each week, and actually achieve it.

q&a – just for fun

Favorite mynt product?

Krystal – CORE Protein Shake mixed with Pro-Bio Boost. I have a very sensitive stomach when it comes to taking supplements and protein. Since I started taking the products, I have not had a single stomach ache. Brett – Vanilla Protein Shake! Healthy and great tasting…need I say more?

Favorite free time activity?

  • Family time
  • Outdoors (beach, lake, river or mountains)
  • Country music concerts


Brett – I’ve played hockey since I was 6 years old. I have a passion for skating and still play from time to time.
Krystal – Snowboarding!

Most desired super power?

If we could have a super power, it would be the power to fly. No more dealing with traffic! We could just get up, spread our wings, and fly anywhere we choose.

What is unique about you?

What is unique about us is probably our relationship. We feel that we are truly a perfect match and together we are better than apart. We make each other a better person, drive each other for more success, and accommodate each other’s needs such that one doesn’t have to ask for help because the other is already there to do it. We are completely a team in all aspects and will conquer anything together.

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