Tissa Godavitarne – Top Internet Marketer Interview

Tissa Godavitarne, Top Internet Marketer


Tissa Godavitarne is a highly successful network marketer and product developer.  He’s widely known as the “Non-guru” for his no-hype approach to training and building teams.

While others update their Facebook status on Fridays with ‘TGIF’, Tissa is known for his ‘TGIM’ status updates on Mondays.  It’s a reflection of the work-from-home lifestyle he has built for himself.  He never has to dread Mondays 🙂

Tissa is involved in several Internet-based business opportunities.  He uses a Multiple Streams of Income strategy and is one the top earners in both Empower Network and GVO’s Pure Leverage.

He lives in Haymarket, Virginia, U.S.A. , just outside Washington DC, and is married to Carolyn. They have two children, and a cat named Apple.

Ted Nuyten had the honor of interviewing Tissa recently.

Tissa, how did you got involved into the Network Marketing business? Who invited you?

My first foray into network marketing was back in 2008 when I joined Global Domains International (GDI).  Prior to that I’d been strictly an affiliate marketer, selling Clickbank products for example.  When I built ACME People Search in 2007, GDI was where most of my affiliates hosted their people search engines.

No one really invited me to the business; I came across a GDI link and I joined!  I didn’t even know my sponsor at the time, and yet I became a six-figure earner in GDI.  That’s why to this day, I believe it’s important not to hold anyone else – including your sponsor – responsible for your success.  Ultimately you are solely responsible for your success, and it’s empowering once you realize that!

What was your opinion about MLM before you got involved?

Honestly, I thought what many people think at first: That it’s some pyramid thing or something schemey!  But as I know now, that opinion was born out of complete ignorance on my part.  Once I realized how genuine and empowering network marketing is for both myself and my Teams, I pretty much gave up all affiliate marketing and now I focus full-time on network marketing/MLM.

Team Tissa

Team Tissa

You have a multiple Streams of income strategy, why?

Well first I think it’s important to understand that building Multiple Streams of Income doesn’t mean being distracted by multiple opportunities.  It means staying focusing on building ONE opportunity at a time, and then once that opportunity is producing significantly and consistently, only then you build another opportunity.  

The end result is multiple streams of income, and that’s always a good idea because you never want to put all your eggs in one company’s basket.

I also try to identify income streams with products that complement each other.  For example, I use Pure Leverage’s suite of marketing tools (like their autoresponder) to build my Empower Network business.  I also use Empower Network’s blogging platform to build my Pure Leverage business. I’ve found it’s much easier to promote products that are related to each other.

Tissa Home Based Business Mansion Known As TissaPlex

Tissa Godavitarne Home - Tissaplex

You slogan is Where Team Comes Before Tissa, how come?

In this business, the greatest success comes to those who focus on helping others by providing as much value as possible.  That doesn’t mean doing the heavy lifting for them, but it means thinking in terms of “How can I inspire?” rather than “How can I get a sign-up?”  

I’m reminded of my favorite quote, by Zig Ziglar: You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.  At TeamTissa, I focus on helping my Team members get what they want, so I can get what I want.  That’s what Team before Tissa means.

What is the secret of your success?

Tissa Secret To Massive Success – YouTube


Again, there’s no “secret” as such, but if I had to credit one thing, it would be focusing on how I can provide value and inspire others.  If you do that long enough, you start to build invaluable relationships where people come to know, like and trust you.  And remember, people don't join programs – they join people.  I don’t think in terms of closing sales, but in terms of building friendships.  

I once heard Holton Buggs say in a speech that no one will ever out-friend him, which is why he’s the #1 earner in MLM.  That’s the secret, if there is one.

Is personal development important for you?

Absolutely.  If there’s any “secret” to success in network marketing, it’s personal development.  Most people incorrectly believe that the biggest challenges they’re facing are generating traffic, or generating leads, or generating customers.  Not so.  I’ve found that the biggest challenge most people face (whether they realize it or not) is lacking the proper mindset.  Most people don’t truly believe what they are capable of, or they let negativity and naysayers get the best of them.

The Godavitarne Family

The Godavitarne Family

Are you babysitting your team members?

I used to.  In the beginning, I tried to attract prospects and build my Team by offering as many free tools as possible that aimed to make things as easy as possible.  It took me a while to realize that all I was doing was attracting people who wanted as many free tools as possible without doing any work!

So not only was I doing myself a disservice, but I was also doing them a disservice by not teaching them that there's no substitute for hard work, especially when you’re starting out.  (After that, it gets much easier!)

On The Move

Tissa Godavitarne On the Move

What are your plan and goals for the future?

My vision is to build an inner circle of ten Team members who are each earning at least $10,000 per month, consistently.  “Tissa’s Top Ten” as I call it.  These are Team members who have made the greatest commitment to their businesses by going All-in, whom I will coach and mentor to six figures a year.  Once we do that, then it’s just a matter of time before “Tissa’s Top Twenty” and “Tissa’s Top Thirty” will follow. (Tissa smiles).  Thanks Ted for the interview!

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