ACN – Europe Training Event Attracts 10,000+ Reps

Greg Provenzano, ACN, CEO


ACN had great pleasure in presenting a very special International Training Event in Barcelona – Spain this weekend for an est. 10,000+ reps.

Three memorable days of insightful training and exciting announcements were further enhanced by two incredible guest speakers, Donald J. Trump and Darren Hardy.

In the words of ACN President and Co-Founder, Mr. Greg Provenzano, this event provided validation throughout the weekend that there is something special happening now with ACN. ACN announcements:


A new product was unveiled and sold at the event, the Benevita Chocolate Crunch Bar. This decadent dark chocolate treat is high in fibre and protein, but low in sugar. Available in a box of 20 for only €42 (plus VAT), it is the ideal product to attract new wellness customers for your business.

This latest addition to the product line complements the Benevita Weight Management System and expands your target market as it can be enjoyed by everyone. It is the perfect product for sports-minded individuals and is also suitable for vegetarians. Now available in all European countries in which ACN operates. Try it, you’ll like it!

To promote the product range and help you grow your business, a new Benevita promotional brochure will soon be available on Each pack of these informative and sleek-looking brochures is just €15.00 (25 per pack), including VAT. Languages include English, French, Italian and Spanish.


ACN is excited to launch a new telecom sub-brand called JOi Telecom. Not only will this new sub-brand create a fresh and modern image, it will provide customers with competitive price plans, with no hidden catches.

JOi Mobile (SIM only) will be available in the United Kingdom on 28th July, 2014. For just £ 9.90, customers will have a great base plan of 400 minutes, 400 SMS and 400 MB of data per month. The plan can be boosted with either unlimited calling (£ 4), unlimited SMS (£ 1) or 3000 MB of data (£ 6) per month.

JOi Mobile (SIM only) will be launching in France on 28th July, 2014. Unlimited calling within France, plus unlimited SMS for just € 15 per month, there is also the ability to add on a data package to suit every need: 0.5 GB, 3 GB or 5 GB.

JOi Broadband and Phone is coming to France on 28th July, 2014. Customers will benefit from a competitively-priced service with download speeds up to 20 MB, and upload speeds up to 1 MB. It also features unlimited Internet (no usage caps), per-second billing. The JOi Essentials plan is for pay-as-you-go calling at the price of €25.90.

The JOi Extra plan includes unlimited calling to fixed lines in France and over 100+ international destinations. There is a 120 minutes to fixed lines in Algeria add-on option available for both the JOi Essentials plan and JOi Extra at the price of €7 per month. Customers who select the JOi Extra plan have the option to add-on unlimited minutes to mobile phones in France at the price of €4 per month.

JOi TV and Movies will be coming soon to France! Stay tuned for more details.


Port your number to ACN and save! Starting on July 1, new customers in the following countries can benefit from significantly reduced pricing for the first 3 months by porting their number to ACN: Denmark, Hungary, Netherlands and the United Kingdom. As of July 29, this promotion will also be available for customers in Norway, Sweden and Switzerland.

In Spain, new ACN Smart customers who sign up from 1st July until 30th September, 2014 will benefit from an increase in the number of minutes with the base plan (€ 7.99 per month, including VAT). 500 minutes will be added to the base plan bringing the total to 1000 minutes, while calls to Mexico fixed lines will also be included in the base plan. The rate to call Mexico mobiles will be reduced by 50%.

There will also be a special promotion for new ACN Smart customers in Italy. New customers who sign up between 29th July and 31st October will also benefit from having double the number of minutes included with the base plan (€ 7.99 per month, including VAT), bringing the total to 1000 minutes, while calls to Romania fixed lines will also be included in the base plan. The rate to call Romania mobiles will be reduced by 50%.


A new home security partnership will be launched in The Netherlands with Verisure in July. This partnership will enable you to offer home security services to residential customers.


On 7th July, 2014, a new energy partnership with LSI Utility Broker will be launched in the United Kingdom. The partnership with First Utility remains unchanged, but LSI Utility Broker specialise in offering competitively-priced electricity and gas contracts to businesses. This means you can promote energy products to a larger target market.


Two great new tools are now available to help you promote the Opportunity and build your business!

Success from Home Magazine

This special ACN global edition features numerous articles about ACN and success stories of the European Circle of Champions Members. It is the perfect piquing tool to give out to prospects who want to learn more about the company. It is also the first time that Layar interactive print technology has been used in the magazine, which enables you to play a video via your smartphone. It can be ordered on

What is ACN Video

An amazing new video is now available for you to share with people you know. Posted on the ACN Europe YouTube channel, you can also access the video by clicking here. Use the video to spread the word about ACN and see how it can generate interest for your business. Start sharing it today!


The following people were proudly promoted to the position of Regional Vice President and each shared inspiring stories: Dr. Arfat Chughtai, John Beck, Asad Ali, Ahmed Mukhtar, Muddssar Bashir and Salman Sardar.

There were also 22 newly promoted Regional Directors.


There was plenty of insightful training from a number of top leaders, covering numerous topics designed to help you maximise the potential of your business.

The special guest speakers captivated the crowd as Darren Hardy interviewed Donald J. Trump on Saturday afternoon. Mr. Trump explained to the crowd why he has a lot confidence in ACN and how he has a good relationship with the Co-Founders.

On Sunday morning, Darren Hardy, best-selling author and publisher of SUCCESS magazine, gave an incredibly mesmerising presentation on the topic of Igniting the Compound Effect.

Ronald McDonald House Charities
ACN and the Co-Founders believe in always giving back to the communities they visit. On Friday, Mike Cupisz welcomed Angel Bataller, from the Spanish division of Ronald McDonald House Charities, to the stage to present to the audience.

During the event, people showed their generosity and the total amount of donations was matched euro for euro by the Co-Founders. On Sunday afternoon, the Co-Founders presented a cheque in the amount of €16,550.84 to Ronald McDonald House Charities. Thank you to all who donated to this worthwhile cause.


International events are the best way to grow your business and present the ACN Opportunity in the most compelling environment you can find. They also give attendees a clear understanding of ACN’s vision today and for the future. Be sure to pre-register today for the ACN International Training Event to be held in marvellous Munich, Germany from 10-12 October, 2014.

You can also pre-register on a mobile device via ACN is proud to present a special guest speaker Mr. Danny Bae, making his first appearance at an ACN Europe event! Danny is ACN’s Vice President of Sales for Asia and is an impactful speaker. Bring everyone you know to Munich for what is expected to be the most exciting and inspirational European ACN event ever.

Get more information, facts and figures about ACN, click here for the ACN overview.

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