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Travis And Summer Flaherty, mynt


mynt welcomes industry leaders Travis and Summer Flaherty as some of the newest brand promoters to join its growing company. Since its pre-launch in April, mynt has garnered an impressive $3 million in product sales. However, it’s not just the budding opportunity that attracted the Flahertys to mynt.

“mynt is the perfect combination of when culture and community align,” says Summer. “Their focus to give back and lead by example emulates exactly what network marketing is all about. When we lead with our actions first, we have the ability to truly make a difference.

We love helping others create a healthy lifestyle, focus on family, enjoy awesome vacations with the people they care about most, give back through community service and help others reach their financial goals in life.”

Since they began working in the direct selling industry in late 2005, the Flahertys have enjoyed great success. In fact, they were the top income earners at their previous company. So, why mynt?

mynt People

“It’s important to note that we join people—not companies—first,” says Travis. “We fell in love with the people behind the scenes and aligned ourselves with someone we trust intimately, and who has a wealth of knowledge as a sponsor. And once we met the founders, executives and many of the corporate staff, we got very excited! The mynt executive team has seen and done things in the network marketing space that few could only dream of.”

mynt Culture

Once the Flahertys felt a genuine connection with the people involved, they delved into the culture of mynt and were pleasantly surprised to learn of the #myntmoment phenomenon in which doing random acts of kindness is the norm. “We wanted to be sure that the culture of the company aligned with the core values of our team. When we learned about the #myntmoments and the focus on giving back to the community, we knew this was the right place for us,” explains Travis.

mynt Business

The Flahertys are passionate about helping others achieve their goals in life. As Zig Ziglar once said, “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.” “Our goal is to educate and empower others with the system, skills and confidence to think bigger and to stop settling for mediocrity,” says Travis.

“We also have a very specific system we build with. We needed to be sure that the products and compensation plan supported our ‘consumption first’ model and had an aggressive compensation plan that rewarded the right type of behavior. As we continued to look at the products, technology, vacation club, family focus, etc., with mynt, we knew we had found a safe landing.”

About Travis and Summer Flaherty

Travis and his wife, Summer, have repeatedly built top producing organizations around the world. Their family first message has become a main focal point for recruiting into their organization. As MLM trainers, Travis and Summer have spoken to thousands around the world, inspiring individuals to begin living a life of abundance.

They are both largely recognized for their virtual seminars, articles and videos dedicated to leadership development and the successful practices of becoming a Network Marketing Professional. In 2009, Travis and Summer were featured in the popular industry publication, Your Business at Home, as one of the top earners for their company.

They were also featured in Success from Home magazine in January 2011, highlighting their story on achieving the prestigious Double Platinum status with their company in only six days. In 2012, Business for Home nominated Travis in the TOP 25 Field Leaders/Trainers in the direct sales industry.

In 2014, The Academy of Multi-Level Marketing nominated Travis and Summer for Distributors of the Year. You will also see Travis and Summer’s story being featured in the July 2014 edition of the international publication, Networking Times.

About mynt

mynt is a new way of doing business in the direct selling industry. Backed by MonaVie, the mynt products and opportunity pre-launched in North America April 19, 2014; the full launch is planned for early next year. Learn more at

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