NFL Player Shares How Isagenix Helped During ACL Recovery

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“I tore my ACL two years ago and spent half of the season in 2012 in rehab,” explains former Kansas City Chiefs tight end, Martin. “I was doing my rehab and getting back in shape at the gym to give the NFL another run when I noticed that the owner was selling Isagenix.

Martin thought it was another “one of those things” and didn’t pay much attention to the product. While building muscle for recovery, Martin was frequently in and out of many gyms. That’s when he noticed Isagenix popping up at fitness centers.

“The trainers were getting results with Isagenix,” shares the free agent for the NFL. “But, again, I chalked it up to, ‘You only drink a shake instead of eating food. Of course you’re going to lose weight.’”

Martin shrugged it off without understanding the system, especially since he wasn’t looking to lose weight. It wasn’t until another trip to a different gym that he noticed Isagenix showing up again.

“With reputable gyms supporting these products, it seemed liked I should give it try without jumping to conclusions about the system only being about weight loss,” shares Martin.

The Optimum Zone

Martin himself was looking to gain muscle through Isagenix due to his fast metabolism, but found the main difference in how he feels.

Playing with the Philadelphia Eagles, Dallas Cowboys, and other national pro teams, Martin naturally started on the Athlete’s Pak. This program is specifically aimed to increase energy, maintain stamina during workouts and build lean muscle mass.

“I’ve never had protein like this,” claims Martin about IsaLean® Pro. “You know, you take Isagenix and immediately feel the difference in your body. Protein that I’ve taken previously will sit in my stomach and I wouldn’t be able to eat after my workout.”

To him, it was important to get the nutrients in his body within 30 minutes of working out, during the “optimum zone.”

“With Isagenix,” shares Martin, “I eat healthier now. It’s easier to keep a good body composition without having to eat a whole bunch of unhealthy stuff. And I’m glad that I actually tried out the product without sticking to preconceived judgments.”

Now, Martin’s recovery is much better.

A Dime a Dozen—Or More

Martin was hopeful with the 30-day money back guarantee from Isagenix. In fact, he guided clients in his boot camp, Body by Ruc, to get started on the 30-Day Cleansing and Fat Burning System.

“I told my team, ‘I’m going to take Isagenix and I want you guys taking the products, too,’” shares Martin.

After seeing amazing results from his clients, Martin decided to look into the business side of Isagenix.

“The first month that I got into it, I thought that I wasn’t even going to worry about the money part,” shares Martin.

It was when he received a card in the mail from Isagenix for $650.**

“I thought, ‘How in the world did that happen?’ I signed up my clients in boot camp, and received bonuses and things, but didn’t realize that it totaled up the way it did. And it’s so weird because it actually did exactly what the trainers said it was going to do.”

Now, as a Crystal Manager, he envisions Isagenix in his future—even if he gets picked up by another team.

“I’m a free agent in the NFL right now, so hopefully I’ll get picked up by a team within the year,” shares Martin. “But if I don’t, I’m going to officially retire and continue with Isagenix until I can make it my job. I will always be using Isagenix.”

*The weight-loss testimonials presented apply only to the individuals depicted, cannot be guaranteed, and should not be considered typical. A 2008 university study showed a statistically significant weight loss of 7 pounds (3.2 kg) during the first nine days of the Cleansing and Fat Burning System.

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