The World For People Foundation Signs Up To The UN Global Compact

Alfonso Galdi, World For People Foundation


The World for People Foundation ( has officially joined the United Nations Global Compact (, the strategic alliance which is made up of both businesses and non-profit organisations and which embraces a set of core values in the areas of human rights, labour standards, the environment and anti-corruption.

In this way, the businesses and the organisations which lead the process of globalisation can  contribute to ensuring that the markets, commerce, technology and finance develop in a way which combines economic and social growth

The World for People Foundation operates through concrete projects, with minimum environmental impact, designed to increase the well-being of disadvantaged communities.

Alfonso Galdi, the president of the Foundation, declared

“The Foundation is proud to have joined this network and to contribute to the spread of the principles of the Global Compact, which is a powerful tool for the promotion of a more inclusive and sustainable model of economic development. This membership of the Global Compact reinforces the principles and values of the World for People Foundation which  has as its objective the long term and sustainable increase of people’s living standards.

For more information please contact the directors Roberto Race on: roberto.race (at) or Michael Burgoyne MBE michael.burgoyne on on the mobile +44 (0)787 1956748

About The World for People Foundation and The United Nations Global Compact:  

The World for People Foundation (, aims  to undertake  sustainable development through socially innovative projects and to contribute to improving living conditions of local economies in our world’s poorest areas by . Improving people’s lives, offering an unequalled business opportunity and revolutionary products  has always been one of WOR(l)D Global Group Inc.’s pivotal mission points, and it’s even more so for the World for People Foundation. The World for People Foundation identifies and seeks to implement the most advanced technological solutions which are aimed at improving the quality of life of populations.


The United Nations Global Compact ( is a multi-stakeholder network which unites governments, businesses, UN agencies, trade unions and civil society with the aim of promoting on a global scale the culture of corporate citizenship. The initiative was proposed for the first time in January 1999 by the then Secretary General of the UN, Kofi Annan on the occasion of the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Since then Global Compact has developed rapidly to become foremost global forum for the  most critical issues raised caused by globalisation. They are an ever growing number of business and organisation from all regions of the world which have decided to “work toward the vision of a sustainable and inclusive global economy which delivers lasting benefits to people, communities, and markets.”

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