Enes Olgun – Mega Holdings Receives The Business For Home Award 2014

Enes Olgun, Mega Holdings


With 1,355 votes Enes Olgun from Turkey has won the Top MLM Networker 2014 Poll.

Enes is an independent distributor for Mega Holdings with more than 50,000 members in his team spread over many countries in Europe and he has more than 157,000 followers on facebook.

Mega Holdings is an international Direct Selling company providing online web hosting services.

He was born in Turkey and studied at the University of Warsaw (Poland) and Istanbul.  He lives in Istanbul where he works full time on his international network marketing business.

He began in 2008 as an independent distributor for Mega Holdings and his earnings reached  $42,000 per month in 2013. As of February 2014 his earnings are topping $100,000 per month.

Mega Holdings (www.megaholdings.org) is incorporated in Hong Kong and its Management team is headed by Chairman/Founder Michael Cheng, a successful business entrepreneur with rich experience in network marketing and other business investments in several parts of the world.

Enes Olgun and Ted Nuyten in Istanbul – Turkey

Enes Olgun and Ted Nuyten in Istanbul

When asked how Enes got involved into the MLM business he stated:

Well, like most people, I had pre-conceived ideas about network marketing. I had heard of Amway before because my family was involved in it.  So I was not interested to listen to any MLM company.

One day in 2008, a close friend called me and invited me to see him. He didn't mention a word about the business during the invitation. When we met, he introduced the business and explained the compensation plan.

I was fascinated and decided to join. But I didn't have any money, so I borrowed it from my mother. I repaid her within one month. Three years later, she told me that she didn't believe what I wanted to do at first, but she lent me the money only because she saw my strong belief in the business.


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