Football Legend Michael Irvin Keynote Speaker At Foru International Convention

Michael Irvin, The Playmaker


foru International (foru), the leader of DNA-based health, beauty and wellness products, is pleased to announce that football legend Michael Irvin will be the Keynote speaker at their annual convention in Las Vegas, Nevada taking place October 17th and 18th

Irvin’s keynote address, entitled “The DNA of a Champion,” shares a very personal story of a boy whose goals were bigger then his circumstances growing up, and how key lessons Irvin learned through life have enabled his incredible success both on and off the field after leaving the NFL.

Michael was introduced to foru while speaking at a University of Miami Alumni event when he met foru founder Gil Peter. Michael shared how football had taken its toll on his body.  Gil offered foru’s products as a possible solution.  After using the products for just a few weeks, Michael began to feel different.

“foru has turned back the clock. I can play basketball again with my sons, which is something I wasn’t able to do in a long time, said Michael Irvin. “foru’s personalized nutrition, which is prepared for me each month based on my DNA has made a significant difference.  I’m telling everyone I know who isn’t feeling their best that they need to experience for themselves how big of difference personalized nutrition will make.

foru is an innovative health, wellness and beauty company that is revolutionizing wellness by creating personalized nutrition and skincare products based on an individual’s DNA. Core+, a personalized nutrition supplement, is specifically formulated for each individual based on 12 SNP’s, or gene variations.

With over 500,000 possible combinations, these personalized supplements are unique to each individual, based on their own genetic code.  The foru skin health assessment identifies genetic propensity for sensitivity to sun and pollutants, how skin responds to oxidative stress, and other factors that cause fine lines and wrinkles. Based on the results of the assessment, foru can personalize Serum, Hand and Eye Crème for each individual’s skin needs.

“Michael is a true champion and an example of how solid values combined with hard work, discipline and focus can build a life some only dream of,” said Karl Krummenacher, President of foru International. “We are honored to have Michael as part of our team and glad our products have helped him live life to the fullest.”

Michael Jerome Irvin is a former wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys, three-time Super Bowl Champion, and was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  He is currently an analyst for NFL Network.

About foru International:

Founded in 2012, foru International is at the forefront of personal genetics and wellness. By using a proprietary DNA assessment as a basis for personalizing health, beauty and wellness products, foru International’s mission is to provide people with longer, healthier lives. The first company to offer wellness and beauty products personalized based on an individual’s personal genetics, foru’s products are exclusively available through Independent Brand Partners.  To learn more about opportunities with foru International or their personalized products visit

foru International is a subsidiary of foru Holdings, Inc. (OTC: FORU), a publicly traded company whose mission is to provide greater access to products and services that uniquely enhance the well-being of consumers and give people new opportunities to contribute to and protect the world around them. For information on foru Holdings, Inc, please visit their website at

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