Forensic Mantra – “Expect The Bumps And Bruises”

Ramin Mesgarlou, Global Wealth Trade, CEO


“The Road To Success Is Always Under Construction”

What happened to my son last weekend is happening to you and your team members daily in your MLM career so read it carefully.  

As you can see in the video and the image below, last weekend at our vacation home on the sea, I was living my dreams, biking with my great one (my 5 year old Cyrus which I call Cyrus The Great).

Having the Mesgarlou DNA in him, the GR8 said “Baba can we go to the Club House parking lot and race like before?” Reluctantly, I agreed because he refused to wear his knee and elbow pads that day, but since he is such a great rider I said yes.

It was a 12-lap race and on the 12th lap we were going really fast side by side (he is really fast). Towards the finish line he went over a batch of sand on a turn and slipped and fell really hard. Right from the beginning it was obvious that he was hurt badly with large scrapes on his elbow and knee and he started to cry.

I rushed, picked him up, called super mommy to come with the SUV and the first aid kit. As usual mommy’s hands are healing and within minutes he was all cleaned and full of first aid bandage.


The important Forensic Networker lesson here for your business:

When The GR8 first fell (and it was a hard fall), the minute he saw the blood from his knees and elbow he yelled out crying, “Baba I want the blood to go away, I don’t ever want to race again, I don’t want to fall again.” 

As parents, the natural response usually is, well you have to be more careful next time blah blah blah …. NONESENSE.

As a champion athlete who competed internationally, my reaction was  …

“Son I know that it hurts a lot but I want to tell you that YOU WILL FALL AGAIN and as bad as these wounds are now,  in the future you may even get hurt  worse.”

With his beautiful large black eyes he looked at me and said, “I will? But I don’t want to fall again”  

I said, “next time wear your protective gear as you are asked, however getting muddy and bloody is part of growing up and your development”.

Then I showed him my bruise marks and told him about some of my accidents. That really calmed him down and I believe it was because until I said those words he thought that what happened to him was “UNIQUE” to him and that perhaps he wasn’t “GOOD ENOUGH” to race or getting hurt was a terrible thing that only “HAPPENED TO HIM”.

The Forensic truth:

This reminded me of MLM distributors who start their new profession and the minute they get a few NOs or get shut down a few times, the first thing they think about is “I QUIT”. They think this because they believe that they are getting NOs because perhaps they are not “CUT OUT” for this business; somehow they are “DIFFERENT” than the ones that are doing well. As if the successful distributors had never heard a “NO” in their career. The Forensic truth is that successful people simply has seen more adversities and heard more NOs and hit more skunks in their MLM road to success than the non-successful people have.  

(In the old days we measured the level of success of an MLM leader by the number of skunks we hit in our business travels city to city. The more miles you put on, the more skunks you will hit on the road and of course the more cities you will develop and increase revenue).

The GR8-one’s story is not unique. We have all been through it as kids where we have been hurt and back to play again the next day. Within 10 minutes of “I don’t ever want to race again”, the GR8 asked me to run and race him to the elevator while he was on a limp mode 🙂

He completely abandoned the adversity and was on the next challenge even though his wounds were still bleeding. We have all been there but as adults we tend to become bunch of pansies (excuse the language) and when we get muddied or bloodied a bit in our new LIFE ULTERING MLM career, we tend to think “QUIT”.

What was your attitude after the last adversity, the “LET’S GO” or “QUIT” when

  • Your last prospect that you had your hopes set on backed out last minute.


  • Your last distributor that you saw as your retirement plan let you down completely.

You see the Forensic truth is that as a champion athlete in a combat sport, it was far more difficult for me to get over a “go fly a kite” response from SUN BLOCK candidates (negative person) than it is for an average person.  My ego really suffered when I heard “SUN BLOCKS” in action do what they do best and discourage. In absence of physically hurting them, I had to learn how to deal with adversities in particularly work on my “RECOVERY TIME”.

In competition, athletes realize that getting hurt is part of our development so we concentrate on RECOVERY and not the adversity. When I launched my MLM career in 1990, I had to bring the same mindset to my business and practice speeding up my recovery time after a bad call or appointment etc.

An adversity that used to keep me down for days, I learned to manage it to bring me down for a day, then I learn to manage it to a few hours, then one hour, then a few minutes, then 1 minute. Finally I came to a point that after a bad call or an appointment, I was up and running in 15 seconds and on to the next business call.

So you need to do the same with your “recovery time”  like an athlete does with their body. Athletes use nutrition and physio to heal their bodies; you need to use personal development such as the Forensic Mantras like this as well as on going practice to remedy your recovery time in your business.

So remember;  

“The road to success is always under construction” and not a paved road; so EXPECT to get muddied and bloodied along the way. The larger the target is, the more bruises you can expect but SO WHAT because man the results are WORTH IT!

So the adversities are not the end of the road, they are PART OF THE ROAD so expect bumps and know that all the successful people before you travelled the same bumpy highway that you are traveling on now.

Stay Forensic

Ramin Mesgarlou – AKA The Forensic Networker


“An adversity that used to keep me down for days, I learned to manage it to bring me down for a day, then I learn to manage it to a few hours, then one hour, then a few minutes, then 1 minute. Finally I came to a point that after a bad call or an appointment, I was up and running in 15 seconds and on to the next business call” Ramin Mesgarlou – The Forensic Networker.


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