Lyoness Responds To Ponzi Allegations In Australia

Lyoness, Hubert Freidl, CEO


Lyoness Australia has issued the next statement:

Lyoness rejects allegations raised by the ACCC, and will vigorously defend the proceedings commenced by the Commission on 28 August.

Lyoness is a shopping community, customer loyalty program and network marketing business.

Benefits are exclusively generated by shopping activities within the Lyoness community. Members receive benefits when they shop, whether they introduce other members or not. Lyoness members may introduce members and receive benefits when the new member shops in the Lyoness community, but no benefits come from the introduction alone.

Lyoness has been active for 10 years and in none of the 46 markets in which it is active has Lyoness been found guilty of or convicted for operating a pyramid scheme.

Over four million members take advantage of the Lyoness benefits at over 40,000 loyalty merchants around the world. In Australia, there are now 780 Lyoness loyalty merchants, including many small and medium sized enterprises.

Lyoness is committed to full compliance with the law and to dealing honestly with Australian consumers.

Daily business is not affected. This court action has no effect on Lyoness members, loyalty merchants or staff, and Lyoness may be contacted by them in the usual way.

Since the proceedings are before the court, Lyoness will make no further comment to media.

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