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Sheila Medina, Plexus Slim


Sheila Medina is Diamond Ambassador, the Top Rank in Plexus Worldwide compensation plan. Sheila is married to Ray Medina and lives in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, USA.

A Diamond Ambassador has personally sponsored and maintain 7 Qualified Ambassadors and have a minimum of 4,500 points in the organization, with 1,125 of those points coming outside of the primary leg. Sheila has a team of over 5,000 active team members all across the USA and Canada. The Plexus Convention 2014 in Dallas draw 8,000 distributors.

Plexus Worldwide, got its start eight years ago in Scottsdale, Arizona, and has since expanded into Canada and Australia. With a strong focus on weight-loss and pain-relief products, The direct seller generated 16,458 percent growth over three years, closing out 2013 with $159.8 million in revenue.

Sheila, how did you got into the Direct Selling industry, who invited you?

In 1996, married with two children, I decided it was time take control of my life. I was successful out in the corporate world but I had no time for myself or my family, so I joined a direct selling company and had 15 years of success.

In 2008 I became an ambassador with Plexus Worldwide when they were just a breast health company. In July 2009 I was asked by Plexus to try a new weight-loss product that helped balance blood sugars and as a side benefit you may lose weight. In about 90 days, I had lost weight and inches and we officially launched Plexus Slim in September.

I decided to go full-time with Plexus Worldwide in December.  We were small in numbers but we had a product that worked. As the first ambassador to go full-time with Plexus Worldwide much success followed!! I became the first Diamond Ambassador in March 2013. We now have had over 30 additional ambassadors achieve the rank of diamond to date!!

What is the secret to your success?

My belief in the product, the company and its executives on a scale from 1 to 10 is an 11+!!   When you have a belief that is so strong, it makes it very simple to share our products and our opportunity.

Sheila Medina's Diamond Documentary

What is the key to duplication and building Leaders?

Share Don’t Sale!  Keep it simple!  Teach skills that can be duplicated by any ambassador,  whether it's to make an extra $200 a month or $20,000 a month helps everyone achieve success.

Sheila Medina

Why are you exited about Plexus Slim?

I have the opportunity to not only help people become physically healthy but also financially healthy!

Sheila Medina - Team

What is your WHY?

I love to see people have a choice in life. My choice to become an ambassador with Plexus Worldwide is the first time in my life that I feel as though I have reached my full potential and this is my wish for everyone.

Do you have mentors or do you read personal development books?

Yes on both. I have had many mentors in the past and I have taking taken something from each one of those and implemented it into my business. I am currently reading “The Four Year Career”.

What advice would you give to someone entering network marketing?

Belief in your company and its products are key. Never compare your success with others, seek your own path.


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