Direct Life Global Launches in 32 Countries

Dany Laroque, CEO, Direct Life Global


Direct Life Global (DLG) from France has been created based on some solid terms. Launched in 32 countries within its first 6 months shows not only their ambition, but also their belief in the product and attractive pay plan.

Real to market products that offer instant great results, and a balanced compensation plan with as well a philosophy towards customers as to distributors.

The company has a seasoned and experienced corporate team at the helm with over 100 years of combined experience in the network marketing industry. On top of that it has its own R&D lab existing since 23 years and specialized in the creation and manufacturing products for the Network marketing industry.

Because experience equals credibility and long-term viability. The combination between an experienced/proven corporate team and an in-house science advisory board offers many advantages some new starters don’t have.

The fact that the Reseach & Developement facility and manufacturing is integrated into the distribution structure of DLG, gives it a unique position in the world of Network Marketing. We have a secured line in terms of products, from sourcing the ingredients to production and by this we ourselves set the pricing which allows us to pay more to the distributors.

The two perfect brains towards the product development of a new brand on one hand and how to market it through an attractive new compensation plan on the other hand, came together in the persons of Jean Barthomeuf and Dany Laroque.

Jean Barthomeuf wishes to benefit a greater number through the creation of well-being products and he decided therefore to build new extraction methods that he mastered (natural techniques without solvents, non-destructive) and the latest findings on the biological mechanisms of ageing, in order to offer wellness products that really work, because they are backed by a true scientific approach, while appealing to the science of the ancients, finally used in a scientifically validated way. He is the owner of the Robert Schwartz laboratories and the creator of the PHYSIOCOSMETIC PARIS line

Dany Laroque before getting involved in Network marketing, was coming of a so-called traditional training (business school, MBA), he managed companies in France for many years. When he was introduced to network marketing, Dany immediately saw the potential of this industry and how it could change the economy by providing jobs for more people.

Sharing common values, Jean and Dany decided to join forces and share their experiences to create DLG. That’s why when DLG officially launched on the 14th of June 2014 during a mini convention in Rome Italy it set the standards immediately very high for years to come.

There the 2 founders and executive team  have shown their integrity, the vision and the know-how  towards the future and this industry..

This executive team doesn’t need to learn on the job. These gentlemen are industry veterans, business icons and legends, who have been responsible for running companies with hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue and hundreds of thousands distributors. They were as well on the corporate as the distributor side of things so they know how to think both ways.

They know the importance of the distributors and that’s why they also appointed, on top of the sole lady Vice President and member of the board Isabelle Laroque, who is in charge of “Communication and Public Relations”, two leader distributors as Vice-Presidents of the company.

To develop the network, two well experienced and recognized international leaders were chosen:  Danny Wanzeele from Belgium and Fabrice Garcia from France. Both have worked all over the world, speak several languages, have built huge teams in many countries and their experience completes the one of the founders. They have inspired large audiences during trainings with their knowledge of the industry and down to earth approach.

DLG not only makes innovation the principal driver of its R&D and give total freedom to the researchers to create treatments. This frees the company from the codes imposed by mass marketing. As a result their products have no equivalent on the market.

DLG also created a compensation plan based on two major philosophies; Direct sales and network marketing.  A unique vendors Pool bonus system was implemented so that equal sales people as networkers will find their joy working here.

DLG firmly believes that success in life is to be shared with others.

Distributor Contact:

Danny Wanzeele

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Corporate Contact:

Isabelle Laroque

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