Kristian Hoenicke Reaches DubLi’s Vice President Level In 27 Days

Kristian Hoenicke,DubLi


A recent surge into DubLi puts Kristian Hoenicke at the top, reaching the esteemed Vice President level in just 27 days.

DubLi recently celebrated their international event in Dubai, UAE, where the company has a strong presence and owns property. Tony Rush was among those celebrating in Dubai.

It is unclear whether Hoenicke is still active with DS Domination (the most recent blog post in July was the last mention of DS Domination), a drop shipping online company that resells items on e-bay. 

The Vice President level is a difficult level to reach, let alone accomplishing it in a mere 27 days. DubLi awards their VP's with a property in the Cayman Islands (Grand Cayman) and at the next level, Senior Vice President, the award is a custom built, paid-for, home on that property. 

The Vice President level qualification is to have 5 separate legs that each have at least a Sales Director. 

DubLi is a cashback shopping network that offers three membership options; a free membership, monthly paid, or the yearly 'VIP' option. Depending on the level will reflect the cashback percentage. To become an independent sales distributor with DubLi the options start with a $500+ package. 

Only in recent years has DubLi moved to the cashback shopping mall, away from the online bidding site that it started off with. Commissions are earned from the percentage the members save as well as by selling the VIP package, making DubLi unique in this aspect, where very few companies offer this commission structure — pushing a membership saving incentive, isntead of a spending structure. 

Another aspect that makes DubLi relatively unique in the network marketing arena, is the complete separation of business and members. A member can not upgrade to the distributor level and can not see any business opportunity information on the customer website. In order for a member to become a distributor they would need to sign up on a separate website that they need to specifically ask for. 

This makes it very clear how many members the company has versus distributorship, a recent concern that has been raised frequently in the media due to the Herbalife/Ackman battle. Although the commissions payout is quite lengthy (over 30 days) they are leading the marketplace in a safer distributor vs membership structure that many other companies could benefit from as well. 

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