Lamia Bettaeib – WOR(l)D Global Network Top Earner Interview

Lamia Bettaieb, World Global Network


Lamia Bettaieb from Tunisia is living in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and is 11 times President Millionnaire in WOR(l)D Global Network. 11 times President Millionaire means that Lamia has earned over $3 million with her independent distributorship. She started 3 years ago with the opportunity.

Lamia has a team of 25,000 members with large groups in Europe, arabic world and Asia and her estimated earnings are $250,000+ per month.

The company is in 5 of the industries active, Direct sales, Mobile Technology, Mobile Advertising, Video and VoIP Communications Renewable Energy.

WOR(l)D Global Network is a public company, headquartered in London and is in the process of become publicly listed in the UK.

Ted Nuyten had the honor to interview Lamia Bettaieb.

Lamia, how did you got into the Direct Selling industry, who invited you?

I have known the direct selling industry by browsing on the internet, because I was fascinated by the lifestyle achieved by successful entrepreneurs in this sector. In the wake of this enthusiasm, I could not give up the invitation of a friend to my first event, organized by a company belonging to the world of direct sales.

At the end of the presentation I quickly realized that that was my world and I decided to join.

I remember that was my first experience and, despite early setbacks, I was happy to be able to continue because animated by a great enthusiasm determined to a certainty, be an entrepreneur in the direct sales was the job I had always wanted.

What was your opinion about MLM before you got involved?

My opinion about it has changed dramatically. Prior to joining this business I thought that the Multi Level Marketing was an easy road to travel, able to lead quickly to success and wealth.

Then my idea changed when I started working.

I understand that the success and the realization of their dreams represent the achievement of a target as possible, which can be reached through hard work and constant over time. Building a successful network must be planned over time to build a solid business.

Lamia with Millionaire club members

Lamia with Millionaire club members

Why Wor(l)d Global Network, what makes it different?

I did not choose WOR(l)D Global Network. The opportunity has chosen me! I was immediately fascinated by the various fields in which WOR(l)D GN work, from technology to mobile advertising through renewable energy.

But undoubtedly the sector for which I have the most interesting is the technology.

Another reason that makes WOR(l)D different is an extraordinary person, its President Fabio Galdi. In Fabio saw a man driven by a great vision and a noble message to communicate to the world. As the leader of this extraordinary company I feel I have to communicate the message of innovation of our President.

Is networking in the Middle East different then Europe or Asia?

Yes its different, but I confess that this is a strong point for the activities that I do. Work constantly to make sure that this business is known and will spread to all levels. I am very optimistic about the spread of network marketing and I believe that soon will have a great success in the Arab world.

Lamia Bettaeib - Millonaire Club member

What is the secret of your success?

The secret of my success is due to a mix of ingredients: honesty, consistency, perseverance, ambition, ability to accept new challenges, patience, helping people and above all to work in an ethical manner.

Is personal development important for you and your leaders?

I think it's important to invest part of their time in personal development and their network. The success achieved thanks to its activities should be maintained and constantly confirmed, that's why I believe in the importance of training because I consider it necessary to always be curious and open to knowledge to improve themselves.

Lamia with CEO Fabio Galdi

Lamia with CEO Fabio Galdi


What are your plan and goals for the future?

My goal is to revive my network so that the Arab leaders are the first in this industry, this will give a strong signal on the possibilities offered by this business. I intend to work to develop a network of young leaders for success, but to do this you will need from the training. And for this reason that I intend to create schools that specialize in network marketing. Only starting from the training will be able to expand my network in the world.

Do you have advice for a “Newbie” in the MLM industry?

My advice to new entrants in this industry is to work with earnestness and perseverance, having the ability to always learn from others and then transfer the acquired knowledge with wisdom to your network.

Before entering this area carefully looking for the company that's right for you and inquire carefully. And ending will leave you one last recommendation, do not be overwhelmed by the first failures but be patient because only you can be the architects of your success.

I conclude by thanking Ted for the time you dedicated to me with this interview. I also thank the staff of Business for  Home which goes a big hello. Thanks to WOR(l)D, to its President Fabio Galdi, to all its employees. But my biggest thanks go to my partner, the reason for my success. Ted hope to see you soon here in the Arab world 🙂

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