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Matt Morris, Worldventures


Matt Morris is one of WorldVentures's top earners and an International Marketing Director. He is married to Rhonda Morris living in Dallas, Texas, USA and they have 3 children.

In his network marketing career, he has built organizations totaling over 500,000 representatives earning him millions of dollars.

He has been the Nr. 1 money earner for three separate companies in his 19-year career as well as the owner of his own personal development network marketing company which became the #1 most visited personal development website on the internet.

Matt joined forces with WorldVentures in June of 2009 after the company had been in business for 3 ½ years. WorldVentures, after less than six years in business, has now grown to one of the top 100 Direct Selling Companies worldwide enrolling over 100,000 customers in approximately 20 countries. A full interview with Matt Morris is here.

According to a post on Matt Morris Facebook:

Just checked last week's sales report – 8,405 new team members! IN ONE WEEK!

  • 1 new National Marketing Director
  • 1 new Regional Marketing Director
  • 9 new Marketing Directors
  • 19 new Directors
  • 85 new Senior Representatives

We are on the march to a Billion in sales, and creating financial freedom for thousands of entrepreneurs around the world.

Make sure you are plugging in and capitalizing on the momentum.

Obviously this is a lot of business, especially in one week, but keep in mind, our company is virtually unheard of around the world and we are just getting started

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