Paulo and Denise Cosiello – WOR(l)D Global Network Hit $125,000 Per Month

Paola and Denise Cosiello, Wor(l)d Global Network


Paulo and Denise Cosiello from São Paulo, Brazil, have hit the $125,000 per month mark with their WOR(l)D Global Network independant distributorship.

The company is in 5 of the industries active, Direct sales, Mobile Technology, Mobile Advertising, Video and VoIP Communications Renewable Energy.

WOR(l)D Global Network is a public company, headquartered in London and is in the process of become publicly listed in the UK.

Paulo stated:

Ever since I was a child, I I have dreamt a work that would let me know the world.I have worked ever since my earliest youth and after a while I have decided to apply myself to trade investing all my energies, effort and money in to this field.

I have spent time and resources starting several business without any success and believed that I would not be able to realise my dream of being an ordinary and successful  business man. Then one day I have become familiar with direct sales. After working for seven years in this field, I finally know what the word success means because I have got so much of it!

During the past three years,  me and my wife, Denise Cosiello, have understood the power of the network and the big possibilities offered by the direct sales industry: luxury and high lifestyle.

We are currently travelling all around the world to present this business opportunity. Our mission is presenting this industry to everyone.

The strength of direct  sales is the possibility of making extra money starting with small investments. This is why I will always stoutly defend my work and the business world I am part of, because it gives equal opportunities to everyone. But the opportunity itself is not enough, you need to have great determination to reach the success.

Thanks to Wor(l)d Global Network I have achieved my goals in only three years! Unachievable goals, according to many people, but viable through the incredible opportunities offered by my company. It is been three years of hard work and big success, but still not satisfied, I aim to a very  ambitious goal: be part of the history of the international direct sales market.

I want to thank Ted and the whole staff of Home For Business  for the great care and willingness.I truly want to thank WOR(l)D Global Network for giving me this big opportunity. Thank you all, partners, friends and family for supporting me during these past years.

Paulo and Denise Cosiello - Wor(l)d Global Network

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