Visalus 2 Star Ambassador’s, Dallas And Wendy Gareau, Earn 500k In Lifetime Earnings

Dallas and Wendy Gareau,Visalus


Dallas and Wendy Gareau accepted the PROJECT 10™ Challenge in 2011 because they wanted to lose weight and feel better—but what resulted was much more than a health transformation.

In 2014, the couple broke more than $500K in lifetime earnings. It’s a milestone that marks an impressive achievement, as they’re driven by more than monetary rewards.

“We never started promoting The Challenge for money or to build a business,” says Dallas. “We only started because we wanted to see if our 90-day Challenge and drinking the Vi-Shape® Shake would work for us.”  

Dallas has dropped 46 lbs. and Wendy has shed 30 lbs.* since starting their Challenge. This incredible transformation inspired them to share their story with every person they could.

“With zero to minimal experience, we built an entirely organic business,” stated Wendy. “We have been blessed so abundantly, and we want to pay it forward.”

Prosperity for Others

“The biggest reward promoting Vi is working with others and knowing our own success is revealed through helping those we care about,” says Wendy.

In fact, she has helped her sister and uncle lose more than 200 lbs. collectively* and gain financial freedom by introducing them to the same PROJECT 10 Challenge that changed her own life.

“No one likes to ask for help, but it’s extremely rewarding when someone you care about tells you that because of Vi they were able to save their business, their farm or their house—and all they really wanted was to shed a few pounds,” adds Wendy.   

As a bonus to getting healthier and feeling better, the Gareau’s business has given them the opportunity to be stay-at-home parents for their four young children.

Between school, sports and music, the family spends time together—which is something they couldn’t do before joining Vi.

Transforming More Lives

For them, this achievement represents all the thousands of people who are healthier and happier because they dared to try something new. 

“ViSalus has not only changed our lives, it has changed us,” says Dallas.

“There are millions of others who deserve to know about The Challenge and I intend on telling as many as I can,” Wendy concludes.

*Results not typical. Achievement in rank and income depends upon many factors such as hard work, determination, financial resources and social contacts.


About ViSalus

ViSalus, Inc. is a healthy lifestyle company that is dedicated to Challenging the World… 10 lbs. at a Time. Founded in 2005, ViSalus develops high-quality weight-management products and nutritional supplements that it markets and sells direct-to-consumers through an international sales force of independent promoters. ViSalus markets its products in North America under the ViSalus® brand and in Europe under the Vi brand, through the Body by Vi Challenge®. ViSalus is headquartered in Los Angeles, California and Troy, Michigan.


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