Mynt Launches New Energy Drink Flavor

Mauricio Bellora,MonaVie,CEO


mynt™ (, a revolutionary way of doing business in the direct selling industry, introduces the newest flavor in its lineup of healthy and sustained energy drinks with the addition of EMV® Jabu. This new energy drink delivers the same premium nutrition as its other two delicious energy drinks—EMV Acerola and EMV Citrus Zero—with only 60 calories per can.

Energy drinks are widely popular in today’s energy-starved society and it seems like everyone is reaching for a product that provides a quick jolt at some point during the day. Instead of filling up on energy drinks that are synthetically concocted, mynt offers a set of delicious energy drinks that provide a great alternative to other energy drinks or products on the market.

“I’m so excited about this great new addition to our EMV line,” said mynt’s Chief Marketing Officer Paul Muehlmann. “In fact it may be my favorite. It tastes fantastic, and I can feel good about using it and recommending it to all of my friends—something I can’t say about most energy drinks.”

Made with only the highest quality ingredients, EMV Jabu features a proprietary blend of antioxidant rich fruits, including the hard to pronounced superfruit jabuticaba—the fruit that inspired the flavor and name of EMV Jabu.

EMV Jabu is a great alternative to other energy drinks because the delicious, advanced formula is packed with vitamins and minerals to provide longer lasting energy with fewer calories. EMV Jabu contains natural sources of caffeine from green tea leaf extract, guarana, cha de burge extract, yerba mate leaves and panax ginseng extract.

These natural sources of caffeine tend to be absorbed into the blood stream more slowly than high doses of synthetic caffeine. The result is a more sustained, longer lasting, and less “jittery” form of energy—without the common up/down spikes that come from many mainstream energy drinks.*

In all, EMV Jabu is a crisp, reduced-calorie drink that will keep energy levels up without peaks or crashes. It will leave consumers feeling balanced, alert and ready to face the day, whatever it brings.**

Key Benefits * 

    Long lasting energy
    Enhances performance
    Promotes alertness
    Supports endurance
    No jitters and no crash


    No artificial flavors
    No artificial colors
    No artificial sweeteners
    No artificial preservatives

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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