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Tim Edwards, Global One Entertainment, G1E


Petya and Tim Edwards from Dallas, USA are one of the top new teams in Global One Entertainment (G1E).

Instead of trying to sell what people need to buy that includes behavior changes, creating new habits or requires discipline G1E focuses on what many people want fun and entertainment. They have monetized  some of the most exciting global trends in direct sales.

Their electronically delivered products like Fantasy Sports, Online Games, Social Media Technology and Travel combined…are multi trillion dollar industries.

Tim and Petya have a refreshing approach with a focus on mentoring. They say sponsors sign you up, uplines collect checks but mentors work with YOU personally to help you make money.

If you ask 100 reps in any company what are the two things you need most many say I don't get enough help and I don't make enough money. Tim and Petya believe if you build people, the business takes care of itself. They also take a different approach to systems.

Tim believes the industry has gone too far with automation. For many it's become about the sales funnel which adds complexity and cost plus it takes the focus off people. This is a relationship business and nobody has a relationship with a funnel and you can't call it for help. Plus many are not technical and struggle setting up capture pages and autoresponders. Their motto is Simplicity Duplicates so Tim and Petya pay to build pages and set up autoresponders for everyone on their team.

Then when someone responds they switch gears to a high touch relationship culture. They also believe in giving back so they pay monthly for every team members' system, so it's completely free. People ask why? Because we believe it's a lot easier to make a profit than it is to make a difference.

Ted Nuyten had the honor to interview Petya and Tim Edwards.

Petya Edwards - Global One Entertainment

Petya and Tim, how did you got involved into the Network Marketing business? Who invited you?

I had a family member give me a video in 1992, Petya and I were married when I was semi-retired in 2009…and she became intrigued with the business.

What was your opinion about MLM before you got involved?

I was an open minded entrepreneur…so I had no reservations whatsoever.

How did you transitioned to Global One Entertainment, did a newbie sign you up :) ?

Being from Texas I decided to look for my last rodeo, I did research looking for a good CEO, looking for non consumable products because the global reach would be faster and the bonuses larger, this would allow me to help more people faster.

What is the secret of your success?

I learned in my first program which I spent 17 years there….that high levels of mentoring and targeted marketing were the key. I created the #1 recruiting team out of 1,000,000 reps in 50 countries in Nu Skin. So we will apply the same here. It's the best of both worlds, high tech and high touch…at the highest levels.

Is personal development important for you?

It's everything. Those who know better, do better. Nobody provides mentoring on the level we do.

Who are your mentors?

I didn't have one early on. About year 5 into my career I hit the top of Nu Skins pay plan and I ended up spending some time with a few high level leaders but I don't work with any today.

Tim and Petya Team Partners

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Angela Domet Tara Winsor Mike Hansen
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Jane Zelez Trudy Arnett  


See what people say about Tim and Petya.

Are you babysitting your team members?

No, we mentor those who are action oriented.

Why Global One Entertainment?

When you combine a CEO with 19 years without a failure, unique electronically delivered platforms that allow large commissions and bonuses worldwide instantly you have an environment where a professional mentor with a system and marketing savvy can help anyone succeed.

How do you Build Leaders and get the duplication in?

We offer a FREE turnkey system, short impactful training and a targeted marketing strategy that utilizes technology to find people faster…but then we switch gears to a very high touch relationship business with a mentoring program nobody in the industry can match. Example Of A Short Impactful Training:

What advice would you give to someone entering network marketing?

Check your ego and pride at the door…then find a mentor that can build you one skill at a time. Professional marketers are never found, they are built and you can't get that from a book, a video, a webinar or a hangout.

Contact details Tim and Petya Edwards:

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Tim's direct line 214-396-1051
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