Qivana Opens Russia and Kazakhstan

Derek Hall, Qivana, CEO


Qivana recently announced that it is expanding its global operations into Russia and Kazakhstan – two of the largest and most exciting international markets in the direct sales industry. In its five year history Qivana has consistently expanded into new growth markets that exhibit the best sales potential.

Russia is one of the top 10 markets for Direct Selling and is one of the fastest growing countries in the world.

Founder & Chief Strategy Officer Justin Banner states, “Currently, we are experiencing exponential growth. We know this is due to our long-term strategy for Qivana – international markets represent a key component of our strategic plan. Nearly half of our revenue is now derived from markets outside of North America.

The CIS region is a very exciting area and has explosive growth potential. We’re really excited by the proven leadership that our new partners Doug Wead and Regina M. Noriega have brought into Qivana, with a deep history building in the CIS region.”

Founder & CEO, Derek Hall: “We know that the Russia market thrives on exciting health and wellness companies backed by solid corporate leadership and an exciting compensation plan. Qivana is the company that has all the right pieces, it has the right products, the right leadership and it’s coming at the right time when Russians are excited to become independent business owners and entrepreneurs.”

Master Independent Business Owner (IBO) John Terhune: “We’ve been waiting strategically for the right time to enter the market and the time is now. The quality of leadership and the field training that we’re providing for our Russian entrepreneurs is incredibly robust. Our leaders on the ground and the guest speakers we bring are among the top leaders in the industry who are passionate about Qivana and network marketing. There’s no better place to get trained in the art of network marketing then at Qivana.”

Qivana Crown Diamond and former President & CEO of Merrill Lynch Insurance, Don Brindley:

“Doug and Regina have brought us an incredibly experienced field leadership team who know how to motivate, train and develop network marketing leaders and future small business owners. Talented and proven leaders like Nick Schestakov, Youry Modzelevsky, Olga Yasenok, Zulfiya Khalikova, Talgat Shakhmuratov Parviz Dzhabborzod, Dinara Esidova and Aleksandr Slekishin have locked arms with Qivana to help us build this market.

Our goal is to help as many entrepreneurs as possible who want to build a legacy business with a company that we all consider to be the jewel of direct sales. So if you’re in this market, get in while you can; the secret is getting out.”

Qivana Founding IBO John Lombardo: “I couldn’t be more excited about Qivana’s expansion into Russia and Kazakhstan. The people are hard working, committed and very loyal….they LOVE these products. I anticipate unprecedented success for the company and all the great new people who will be involved in making this new market happen.”

About Qivana

Founded in 2009, Qivana is the global leader in breakthrough natural products made in the USA. Headquartered in Provo, Utah, Qivana employs over 50 people in the United States, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Mexico and Canada. Qivana is a proud member of the Direct Selling Association, the Utah Chamber of Commerce, and the Better Business Bureau.

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