QNET Morocco Ranks Among Top 10 Markets

Vijay Eswaran, Chairman, Qi Group


According to a recent report by the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA), the direct sales industry in Morocco generated revenues of approximately $ 12 million in 2013 The awareness of the direct sales industry and profits have increased the number of participants in this important sector to reach the figure of 87 000 of these participants, QNET, an Asian company that specializes in direct sales, just announced an increase in claims and signs of recovery direct selling industry in Morocco, which is now one of the most important markets in the Middle East and North Africa. Note that Morocco was also ranked at the end of the second quarter of 2014 in the top ten markets in the region QNET.

Speaking of the overall performance of the Moroccan market, Khaled Diab, Regional Director of the company QNET for the Middle East, said: After the success of QNET in Egypt, the company wanted to expand in North Africa. Last year we held our regional conference in Marrakech, with 3,000 delegates from across the region. During the same year, we organized several training courses and seminars to help retailers provide an accurate explanation of the company's products and to clarify its mechanism of sale. Feedback from participants has been positive, which encouraged us to organize more conferences and seminars in the near future. QNET is committed to providing a wide variety of unique products to improve lifestyle with products in the field of health, beauty, e-earning and quality of life.

The QNET products are available exclusively through its platform of e-commerce for customers and distributors in more than 100 countries. The company has 25 offices and branches worldwide and 7 international logistics centers where more than 40,000 products are shipped each month worldwide.

Our most common products are generally dedicated to holidays and all-inclusive stays. With this very important market in Morocco, we hope to increase the number of partnerships with hotels and resorts to better serve our international customers, he said. This will contribute positively to the development of the tourism industry in Morocco way. In this context, and to maintain its high standards and serves a diverse international clientele, QNET source products from international suppliers, in countries like France, Germany, Australia, Turkey, Korea, Switzerland between other. QNET is also important Moroccan argan oil, which is sold to customers in India.

The most popular products preferred by QNET distributors in Morocco system water purification HomePure with a filtration process single 7-step, the range of skin care Physio Radiance developed in France and watches Bernhard H Mayer made ??in Switzerland. As part of its global branding and to create a link with customers, QNET has recently announced its partnership with Manchester City Football Club (MCFC), as an official partner of the direct sales based in Manchester, England. QNET has also supported other sports such as Formula 1, badminton.

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