Vísi Expands Executive Team; Adds Marketing Leadership

Visi, VP Of Marketing, Kristine Widtfeldt


Vísi, category pioneer in AC2 technology (Arctic Cloudberry + hydrolyzed collagen-based vitality products) announced a key addition to its executive team. “We’re thrilled to welcome Kristine Widtfeldt as Vice President of Marketing,” says Vísi Founder and CEO Kent Lewis. “She brings a proven track record, dedication to communications, and true innovation in marketing programs that will bring a fresh perspective to our growing company. We’re excited for the future with Kristine as a part of our executive team.”

For the past decade, Widtfeldt has served as the Vice President of Marketing and New Product Development for party-plan company Close To My Heart, with vast experience as a consultant and content developer for several other nutritional companies in network marketing. Additionally, Widtfeldt has served in leadership roles in a variety of media from public and cable television, internet development, educational publishing, magazines, and agency work. She is a popular keynote speaker and has authored more than a dozen wellness and financial publications.

“Communications and working with people are my two passions,” says Widtfeldt. “And ultimately, there is no better place to marry those two than in network marketing, where you get to connect people with possibilities every day.” 

Like many others joining Vísi right now, it was the blend of product and opportunity that drew Widtfeldt. “The ‘better blend’ offered in AC2 technology products is more than a great idea—it’s unique, consumable, demonstrable, and it delivers. Kent (Lewis) encouraged me to really dig deep on using the products and after a couple of weeks of personal use, I absolutely knew this was where I needed to be. I couldn’t accept the role fast enough, and I’m excited to build the Vísi brand into the household name it deserves to become.”

Kristine is comfortable even with the many marketing challenges of rapid growth, but if you want to stump her, ask what her favorite Vísi product is: “It depends on the day, and what I need most,” she says. “Vinnle™ for hunger-free workdays, Wellness™ if I need an immune boost. But I always rely on Probíta™ and Nufínna™. I love the quality hydrolyzed collagen protein in both products. I’m always running, running, running and I don’t eat much meat, so these two products are my go-tos for getting good absorptive protein. And that they both taste so delicious, well, that’s better than icing on the cake.”

About Vísi

Vísi is a global network marketing company pioneering the AC2 products category. AC2 technology brings products to market featuring Scandinavia’s Arctic Cloudberry, a nutrient key to total-body vitality, plus hydrolyzed collagen, a highly bio-available natural protein source. Together, these ingredients are the ‘better blend’ driving business rewards and health for thousands of Vísi Partners and customers around the world in 18 markets, including the United States, Canada, and Japan. To learn more, visit iamvisi.com.

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